A Wedding Revolution – Take your Wedding to a Whole New Level

LSNY EVENTS sporting a new elegant, but cool design

It’s official your wedding can now be even more than you ever dreamed possible.  And those are lofty words there.  LSNY has been developing innovative ideas for years.  But an epiphany over the last couple of weeks has led to the next evolution of weddings.

Bring your WEDDING and your wedding guests to a such an Extraordinary Place even your Imagination might not DARED to IMAGINE:

wedding_LSNY_The REVOLUTIONARY Ultimate WEDDING CEREMONY:  The Awesome Wedding Experience (AWE) is Here.

Superstar #1 NYC Wedding Band of All Time – Doug Winters Best Kept Secret it this way:

“After 1500 weddings of every imaginable type from Israeli, Italian, Chinese, Korean, mixed cultures I really thought  I know everything there is to know about weddings. We did Julia Roberts first wedding to Lyle Lovett, and so many other A Level weddings, we’ve worked with Nick Cannon, Alicia Keys, Kenny Loggins and Quincy Jones, I really believed  there was nothing that could surprise me. Maybe Julia Roberts kissing me square on the lips….Then Michael Sage Schindler comes along and actually blew my ******* mind!.  Honestly, it I’ve never even considered what Michael has come up with.  He’s brilliant!!! He’s taking it to a whole new level.”

Even when almost everyone thought there just isn’t something new for weddings.  We found a way. Even people in our own industry are scratching their head at the ingeniousness of this design and its incredible impact at parties.

And in fact once people hear about how it’s done they cannot believe they never thought of it and of course!

A excited as we are about it, and as much as I’d love to share it with you, right now we have to protect the proprietary nature of it is, so I can only tell you what effect it has on the wedding.

Over the last decade of weddings people have begun to understand the power that personalization has had.  We see whole wedding party creating this awesome choreography.  When Into the Heights creator Lin-Manuel Miranda got married he worked his in laws into the act to surprise his wife.

This is a beautiful trend that shares so much about the bride and groom to their guests. We absolutely love and encourage this moments.  And we encourage our couples to go further and give them the means and tools to do this.   We’ve seen the effect and it’s dramatic and spectacular.

Please call to set up an appointment to learn more about this new evolution of weddings that will bring the greatest joy imaginable.

Remember you are extraordinary,

Michael Sage Schindler



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