The #1 Most Influential Piece to the Best Party Ever

I hope you took a moment to view the video above.  This was a truly memorable wedding for many reasons.  It inspired me to reflect on what makes the greatest party ever once again.

At LSNY Events, we understand having the latest and greatest sound, lighting and technology is paramount for great looking and feeling events, and to instill confidence with our clients.  So we are proud to be delivering a premium visual and audio experience with elegance.

The music must flow and move people without jolts, stops and starts.  It has to be selected to compliment what went before and what’s coming after.  So having a top of the line DJ or band is equally crucial to a great event.

Yet we have learned over 20 years that the most significant, most impactful (i wish that were a real word) aspect of a Best Ever Event, is The People.  If the people at an event are feeling uplifted, psyched up and elevated to their best version of them selves, the event will become distinctively memorable, and possibly a top 3 day of someone’s life.

Creating a great vibe, feel, authentic excitement among friends, family and guests and connecting them to the honorees, or VIPs, or Brand is the #1  most influential piece  of how great a party is going to be.  If people are not connected, it can still be a very nice, enjoyable affair.  Possibly even very good due to the many assorted offerings available.  But we’re focused on creating something beyond very good or great; we’re aiming for the EXTRAORDINARY.

Once you’ve tasted the extraordinary there’s simply no turning back to just enjoyable. Life is short.  Time is precious and real joy is too valuable to compromise.  So even great in truth falls short for us.  We hunger for something more for you and if we can do that we revel in that.

We discovered this distinction over thousands of parties, like a detective working a very long case.  We would delve into the very best events and examine the many aspects….And after pouring over so many parties and speaking with so many clients, one day it crystallized :

In order to get to EXTRAORDINARY all the elements come together in the heart, soul and spirit of the people.  Unifying the inner emotions of people generates an outpouring of spectacular results.

Like a great play or great movie experience, the party or special event, if it shares a story or stories inside the celebration, the guests lean in, rise up, let loose and willingly, happily go along for the ride.

And the greatest thing is the interactive-participatory nature of a party over a movie allows everyone then the ability to ADD to the excitement, value and joy.

So the crucial piece is having the perfect CONNECTOR to bring the people in.  That’s typically your host or master of ceremonies.

A great MC is a chameleon of sorts.  He or she (will use the masculine from here but understand it could be either sex) is a great story-teller.  He understands the movement of a good story.  He’s like a maestro conducting the flow of the event, so it rises and ebbs perfectly.  He also recognizes when to allow a solo – a guest does a surprise Y split on the dance floor see below

and let’s the party jump up a notch.

He or she is also an artist, a comic and great dancer.  An artist in creativity to fill in a gap.  A comic to recognize humor when it’s happening and sharing it with the guests.  A great dancer to know rhythms and how to move his body and get you to move yours.

He is a therapist calming folks and putting out any crises before it escalates and detracts from a party, if necessary.

He is  a Zen Master of parties, knowing exactly when to step in and ignite and to step back because the people have it.  Some MCs like to hog the spotlight here, and rev up an already peaked out crowd,  which actually diminishes the level of electricity the guests can generate on their own organically.  The MC in this case is satisfying his own ego rather than enhancing the party, and can be annoying to some guests.

With this in mind, our company focuses on how to create connection and authentic joyous and unbridled interaction among guests.

The above video shows just one of those unique and artistic ways we at LSNY have been able to bring our clients this experience.

This is something we offer your wedding guests, corporate clients (roasting the officers) for meetings, award shows or holiday parties and other type of events.  It gets the most comments from guests and clients.  

We spend time with the honorees, couple or corporate execs and find out bits and pieces about the most important people at that event.  With a wedding of course it’s the bridal party.  Then write, re-write and construct a script, score it and perform it.  You can see the effect this has on the crowd.

It raises the bar for truly creating something original not just for originality but to bring your guests into your world.  Reveal a little humanity which draws everyone in. 

If you would like to know more ways to create an extraordinary event or more information on customized wedding entrances, corporate roasts for holiday parties, awards shows or meetings, or even preparing personalized videos please give me a call at 917 204-9690.

Here’s to having an Extraordinary Event

Michael Sage Schindler

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