Great Video Moments from 2012 and 2013

B-Girl Sweet was the first ever to achieve this.  The workout you get just trying to get 1 or 2 in there is really great.  I am now on a mission to do this.  The Kids LOVE this game and so do the adults.

Abi Futterman at the Dumbo Loft.  Pure Joy.

Anya Kaufman party at Roulette in Brooklyn January of this year.  Lisa Albin, creator  of IglooPlay Furniture told us it was the greatest night of their lives.  This is the greatest thing anyone can ever say about anything that a human being had a hand in making happen.  But it’s that more enriching coming from a highly successful artist. We are so grateful for the opportunity.

More to come.  Please leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Soften, Smile and Breathe – and ENJOY your days.

Michael Sage Schindler



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