The Greatest Month Ever – Featured on Mitzvah Market & What are the Pitfalls of DJ Companies Explained

A Phenomenal Week Last week.  I want to thank the Ponte Family, the Shackman Family and Gotsch Family for having us be a part of their celebrations.

The wonderful Sandra Charlap at Vivi’s Party

Our party on September with Vivi Charlap is being featured on Mitzvah  tomorrow in their first ever VIDEO FAMILY SPOTLIGHT Feature.  What an amazing night that was.  SEE BELOW.

I just posted some video of it on my Facebook page – LSNY Video from Charlap Party

Also look out for Shari Schwartz, an up and coming dynamic party planner.  Shari put together a beautiful celebration for Ella Gotsch at the The Grove in Cedar Grove on Friday night.

I’m really looking forward to working with her on upcoming events.

LSNY Events just getting warmed up..Lightning Photo Booth to far Left

We had a stellar Saturday afternoon party at Manhattan Penthouse for the Shackman family.

We got this bat Mitzvah from an event we have done the last few years: The Holiday Brunch at NYU Medical Center –  for about 1500 people.

The most LOVED Booth in the NY area

The Shackman’s were thrilled, as here’s a snippet of what Barrie had to say:- “IT WAS THE BEST PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!! (There were 14 more exclamation points but it didn’t fit in the flow of the article. 🙂 ) WE LOVED THE PARTY!!!! You are your group were the best part and made the whole party really perfect!!!!  The dance floor was filled the whole time and everyone loved it, even the older adults….and that Lightning Photo Booth was the BIGGEST HIT!!!  My mother LOVED it, and she is a hard to please person!!!  It was a great day and I could not even sleep last night because I was too wired thinking about the day….”  It actually continued to get better but nuff said.

How Does LSNY EVENTS create Parties that continually Thrill Clients and their Guests?

We dedicate ourselves to continually offer find creative,  innovative and rewarding ways to bring about stellar results.  We have always gone the extra miles to make sure our clients and guests have something above and beyond to take with them.  There’s nothing better than true joy naturally arrived at.

A moment from Steven & Justin Wedding

As far as what we do that’s different:   Weddings in particular we’ve been able to merge the NYC and East Coast High Energy style dance party with the West Coast more personal, intimate and warm connectivity to people to create incredibly  compelling and captivating results.  (If you didn’t know there were different style weddings in different locations, you’re in the majority, most people including DJs aren’t aware there are different styles and formats of weddings beyond the NY Metro area.)

We have a inclusive style that works with every nationality and mixed parties.  We produced a gay wedding at the Westin Governor Morris which is still being talked about as one of the great if not greatest weddings ever seen there.   One thing we offer at LSNY which is fairly unique to us, is writing personalized and custom written musical introductions.  At this wedding they were so well received and energizing that when the grooms entered the room a spontaneous wild dance party broke out for 20 minutesThe Sr. Catering Staff had reported never seen anything like it. 

When I conferred with my DJ, I asked him have you ever seen this before he said only once.  I said we do need to  go into the first dance at some point – we’re way behind the schedule.  To which he replied “if stop this I’ll kill you.”  And of course he was joking

Crazy Joy – Wedding to be Remembered

but he made his point.  And I had to agree.  In fact that was the right call…although the service was behind for some time after that, the party was a one of a unrepeatable evening from there on.

The grooms told us people from out of the country had never experience anything like this wedding ever before. And by the way I have video footage of this if you ever want to see it.  It’s pretty cool.

The first Bnai Mitzvah ever at The Grove in Cedar Grove for the Kramers where one highlight was we brought everyone together at the end of candlelighting in a circle of lit candles that in the words of Michael Subarsky, legendary catering “amazing and something he had not seen before”.

Gorgeous Lighting from LSNY at the Grove

We got to see the Kramers again recently – with big hugs and kisses all around – at Vivi Charlap’s Bat Mitzvah at Cedar Hill Country Club which is about to be featured as the FIRST EVER VIDEO Spotlight on the #1 website for Mitzvahs in the country.  I’m giving you right here the scoop before it comes out tomorrow –

One of the many real candy centerpieces by Sandra Charlap

We were so impressed with Sandra Charlap and what she did with the centerpieces, Sandra Charlap has now joined the LSNY Events team as a centerpiece designer.

Hopefully you’ll be able to feel from reading the article the impact that our company has on our clients and their guests.

Based on hundreds of letters we have received, what we bring is a very refined, fun but classy and natural flow to parties that most people seem to really respond to and love.  Whether it be a Mitzvah or wedding or even a corporate event, our guests are taken on a journey not just thrown into a crazy loud high energy explosion.

What we’ve found is that unless the energy being brought by the entertainment company engages the energy of the guests where they are in the beginning – if the DJ/entertainers come in too hot, or overcooked as the soccer analysts like to say when a player kicks the ball into the stands meant for the goal, guests tend to withdraw or pull back with their energy…they don’t respond in kind.  

The BEST PARTIES have the biggest and boldest energy coming from the guests themselves.  If the DJ/event company shoot too high, there’s more than not a big energy vacuum in the room.  We’ve seen it time and time again from being at non-LSNY produced events.  The music is hot, the dancers are working, the MC is pushing all at an 11.  But the kids and guests are at a 2 or 3.  Continual motivating after this rarely gets the guests over a 5 for the whole party.

In discovering and nurturing this essential ingredient we’ve been able to create a dynamic effortless energy lock in with our guests that simply changes everything.

The joy-filled bursts from our guests happen naturally as  they find themselves willingly and wanting to go there, and because of that everyone leaves feeling uplifted and energized as opposed to exhausted.

One client has referred to us as the Cirque du Soliel of DJ companies and I loved that so much, it was one of the greatest things anyone could ever say to us.

We will continue to work very hard to earn that title for our clients.  Enjoy your Autumn and upcoming holidays and contact us if we can be of any assistance for your next event.

Michael Sage Schindler

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