LSNY Events creates Mitzvah Euphoria



Euphoria – A state of happiness and well-being, feeling elated.

Over 20 years and thousands of Bar and Bat Mitzvahs we have celebrated the lives of and with thousands of people, families and honorees.  We have shared in some of the tenderest, and most triumphant moments I personally have ever felt, outside of my own wedding and my little ones being born.

Each wedding and Bar Mitzvah we have done, knowing we’re going to give everything we have to help assure and insure the people there have the same kind of earth moving experience has shaped how we approach every single event we do.

Joseph Campbell said, “Follow your Bliss”, and music, performing  and inspiring joy has always been my bliss.  But it wasn’t until I began performing in private events like this that I began to feel I might have found it.

The beauty has been to find likewise artists who would not normally have gone in this direction finding that sharing their gifts with others in a these events would also be so rewarding.  And so we’ve been able to bring something quite special to our events.

And we’ve basked in the afterglow of giving everything we have to an awesome family and their special guests and been humbled by our clients and their guests at these events describing their experiences as the Best Party they’ve ever been to.

We’ve even been completely blown away by even a few best day of my Life experiences.

It wasn’t until two weeks ago at a Bat Mitzvah party at Cedar Hill Country Club where a rather creative client probably defined what it is we do better than I could have ever come up with.  With the most blissful smile, holding back tears and rocking in excitement from toes to fingernails our hostess said  “I’m Euphoric.  I’m in  Mitzvah Euphoria!”  and then gave me one of the greatest hugs of my life.

I realized she had nailed what I could not describe in words for 20 years what we do.  But she went on to describe it in words even better.

“I was completely relaxed, no stress whatsoever, you had everything in total command and every move you made was perfect.  I was able to just go for the ride.  I am completely happy.”

Now two weeks later having spoken with her this feeling has held on.  The emotional memory is still powerful.  If I had to describe Mitzvah Euphoria that’s how I’d describe it.  It is incredibly powerful joy that jumps into you during the event and stays in your soul.

Euphoric parties are all about people connection and adding in the right ingredients.  One wrong ingredient doesn’t make it a bad party, but it hinders getting to the absolute best.  It’s people and personalities meshing so perfectly together and all the junk in our lives going away.  It’s feeding fun and raising spirits, while getting out of the way.  It’s joining in but allowing people to all make their way there as naturally as possible.

Green Screen Photo Booth from Cedar Hill CC

These are the ingredients that make up a Mitzvah Euphoria like a top chef in a 5 star restaurant mixing magic to create a taste that explodes in such intensity, that when you taste it that you hope it will never end.  You cannot get enough.  But when you have, you are completely satisfied and  know you have tasted something incredible.

Thank you to all our amazing clients, families and guests at your parties for allowing us to share in that experience with you and you making it possible for us.  We cannot do it without you.

Personally, you’ve allowed me to find and follow my bliss, and I look forward to each and every opportunity to give that back to you.

Michael Sage Schindler

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