Looking for an Alternative to a Dance Party? Olympic Games or Color Wars

If variety is the spice of life, than competition is the fuel that drives the extended limousine.  

For a party to really flourish the level of competition should be set to the appropriate to what you’d like to create.  Giraffes and baseball players in pools notwithstanding, creating great memorable moments are the stuff of legends for greatest parties.

A camp style COLOR WARS Party will generally work really well for a BOYS party, but probably not as much for a girls’ party.  For an adult crowd that has a lot of competitive men, but an OLYMPIC STYLE party will be attracting a lot of attention.

And vice versa for a kids’ party depending on the level of skill of most of the guests.

Ultimately a party that’s going to be fun, enjoyable and something that everyone can participate in at their level is the most desirable.  And that’s where we really shine the brightest for our clients.

We’ve created Color War parties for both adults and kids, and just adults and just kids.  Each requires a different set of games based on the goal.   The kids we’d want to structure many fun group activities they may be familiar with but with a twist – to spice it up for them.

For instance Sack Races through an obstacle course is just one cool variation we’ve come up with. 

Adults maybe want a little sexier style of activities so it really comes down to the host and hostess and their goals.  For the adult games we’ve had a Marshmellow Pass on toothpicks, which can be fun and a little sexy at the same time.

We recently had a call for an OLYMPIC GAMES party with less than 3 days ultimately to put it together.  It was to contain tennis and basketball Olympics.  We were not allowed to know the host or guests ahead of time but were told to make it competitive.

We brought in two pros from each sport to run Olympic, and pro style contests.  For the grand finale we had an obstacle relay that incorporated everything the client had on the property for the party.  We designed it so it used the blow up Obstacle course, the giant Water Slide, the Tennis Courts, The Basketball Court, threw in a few skill games and had the last leg of it jumping into the pool.

This finale was so cool it would have made a great reality show.

And we had a photo booth there the whole day giving guest a chance to express themselves in pictures.

For these types of parties to work you just have to coordinate it very specifically, give out great instructions, have GAMES OFFICIALS at every area, and it really helps to have a great overall GAMES MASTER to oversee it all either on an amplified system or megaphones.

If these types of parties are up your alley give us a call.  We can make them REALLY fun and fresh for you.  Enjoy your summer!

Michael Sage Schindler

917 204-9690


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