How to Make your Wedding Reception the Greatest Ever for you and your Guests


Of course you want more something more than a wonderful reception.  You want and deserve to have a Blow-you-Away UNPARALLELED experience. 

BIG laughs, wild revelry, sweet, tender moments, LOVE from everyone there, even people you don’t know, feel totally connected to your joy!

We actually had that at our wedding. A guy we didn’t know, the date of of a planner friend, came up to us with tears in his eyes, saying, “Oh My God, I can’t believe this, I don’t even know you, but this is the greatest wedding I’ve ever seen in my life,”  and then he embraced both of us. 

Now that was POWERFUL and completely unexpected.  My wife and I were so pumped up we felt like a million dollars.

Picture by Joey Kennedy

We couldn’t even have imagined that one in our greatest wedding ever vision.  And that was before we were ever even halfway into our party!  The rest of the wedding was one more peak of energy over the next.  Like cascading waves of a wild rollercoaster. 

Isn’t that what you’re dreaming about!  You’re getting married. You’ve imagined it your whole life. It’s going to be one of the happiest days of your life.  And wow it’s becomes more than that.  It surprises and tranforms your guests.

How do you make that a reality? 

How are you going to have the wedding that your family and friends cannot stop talking about?  The wedding that whenever anyone talks about a wedding says, “You know the greatest wedding I’ve ever been to was ….” and the next word is yours. 

Besides the notability of it, aren’t you looking to have the most fun, most romantic, the most incomparable, amazing, exhilarating wedding ever?


We’ve discovered a few barely known and rarely used ways to do this.  And it’s magical. And it’s easier than you think, but takes someone with the know how, ability and creativity to set it in motion.

As a Celebration Specialist I brainstorm about this question all the time. Research and feedback Studies by noted surveyors in the wedding industry (Wedding Stats) have indicated that of all the elements that make up a wedding the #1 element considered most responsible for the ultimate success of the wedding is the entertainment.

But you already know that, or if you didn’t you may have considered that but now you know.  So the entertainment is going to carry a lot of the weight of the success of your wedding.

But to get to that special, wonderful place you will want to personalize your wedding to connect your guests in ways you may not have ever thought about.

Photo by Leah LaRiccia

We have done this for numerous of our wedding clients who have each reported back to us that nearly every one of their relatives, friends and guests have told them it was the BEST WEDDING they have EVER attended. 

We have specific services and ways to help you to this that very few DJs, Bands, Planners or Catering Managers have ever seen until they see our weddings.  And then they are blown away. 

There’s nothing more gratifying for us then to give you THAT wedding experience.  Few things are more gratifying for us than doing this for our clients and witnessing the reception explode in a surge of energy and love, freeing your guests to not only have a great time but fall in love with you and your wedding.

Call me today for a free consultation and I’ll share with you 1 SIMPLE wedding ceremony tip you can do that will help tranform your wedding.  And we can talk about some of the other ways you can create the BEST WEDDING EVER for you.

Here’s to the Greatest Wedding Ever

Michael Sage Schindler

Celebration Specialist

201 475-5769

917 204-9690

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