A Wedding to Remember Justin and Steven – Westin Governor Morris

LSNY Events has been honored to perform all over the world from Switzerland to the Carribean, from Texas to California, Las Vegas and Atlantic City.  We’ve celebrated with celebrities, rabbis, judges, lawyers, doctors, corporate ties, teens, tots and industry folks.

We’ve welcomed celebrations of every type, from block parties, Award Shows, Corporate, Fund Raisers, and our bread and butter weddings, mitzvahs and Sweet 16s, from the Waldorf to backyards.

For sheer joy and excitement, fun and abandon the wedding we had the privilege to be the entertainment for, Justin and Steven’s wedding, was one for the ages.  

We have performed at a few lesbian weddings, but this was our first gay wedding.  And definitely our first gay jewish wedding.  And our first gay jewish wedding with delicious pulled pork, shellfish and smoked salmon.

When I first met with Justin, who is a co-worker of one of our good friends and supporters, Jason Kwintner, the event and catering senior manager at the Jumirah Essex House, he said he wanted a traditional typical Jewish wedding, the Huppa, the rabbi, etc.  Another typical Jewish wedding. Not.

LSNY Events supplied the sound reinforcement for the wedding ceremony so everything that was said was heard by the more than 150 guests attending, so no ad libs slipped by. 

Once in the Governor’s ballroom the main entrance surpassed everyone’s expectations.  To invite the guests a little more into the Grooms world we introduced the wedding party with a few choice remembrances from Justin and Steven’s history. 

The guests had some laughs and it warmed everyone up for the main entrance.  Steven and Justin came into “DJ got us Fallin in Love Again” by Usher and they never stopped dancing.  Their enthusiam became infectious and they “ushered” up the guests to the dance floor who needed very little prodding.  The floor was packed.

The 1st dance would have to wait for 20 minutes while the guests partied on.  We knew then it was going to be an auspicious night.  We were right.

The MC Cam handheld video captured just a few of the fun moments from this evening.  By the end of the night it was clear that we were absolutely hoping this would be the first of many more gay and lesbian weddings to come.

Steven and Justin were on their way to a fun-filled honeymoon and we wish them the very best.  It was said by many a speech giver that night – “Don’t go to bed angry.” As Justin said that’s not a problem for us.  Seeing them togehter I wouldn’t doubt it.

For gay or straight weddings that are unforgettable please contact us at LSNY Events – 201 475-5769.  We’ll look forward to hearing from you.

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