Video: LSNY Hosts the 2012 Caesar’s Chairman Awards

By all accounts from the entertainment team on up to the executives the 2012 Caesar’s Chairman Awards hosted by Harrah’s Atlantic City was a big success.

What I love in the above video is the top execs from the 4 Casinos were totally with me  jumping up and down and raising the energy in the room.

We met Sr. VP and GM of Harrah’s John Smith who is a really good man, and pretty darn good dancer.  He got into the spirit of things in the warm up above.  Threw on the white derby and gave a little dance move.

Here you can see the outcome of the warm up – The entire executive teams pump up the crowd with spirit, energy and excitement making everyone feel welcomed and ready to go.

We had some fun with everyone at the beginning and told a story of an ill fated bikini event outdoors in the Marina before “The Pool” at Harrah’s was built.  “It was a freezing cold day in February but the bikini event had a great turnout…all big, fat hairy guys from Alaska….in Speedos… and that’s when they opened the Pool the next year…the indoor climate control brings in better looking bikins.”

DJ Jason rocked the party.  Right after Regional President Don Marrandino finished his opening remarks we had all the execs, management and award winners going crazy on the dance floor.  And that’s what it’s all about.

Congratulations to all the award winners, the executive team, event and particularly director, Donna Barnett and entertainment director, Duane Leeds for making sure this night was a stellar night.

On behalf of LSNY Events it was our pleasure to be there with you.

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