The Super Bowl of Mitzvahs – Amy Avenue is the Happening Street

The ballroom at the Rockleigh Country Club was bathed in purple around the perimeter.  But up on the 8′ screens in Green with a hint of red for no turning around it said AMY AVENUE.

And it was definitely a One Way Street to Celebration Lane on this was our second party with the Rosner family.   The first time around was so rocking the honoree herself had to take a break due to over exhaustion.

With a cavalcade of A List legendary retired football players, now star announcers and color commentators in attendance, and a family that parties like it’s the last day on earth, Amy’s party matched Melissa’s (sister) in flavor, intensity, passion and colors.  It truly was the Super Bowl of Bat Mitzvahs.

Cocktail hour with the Ultimate Games Masters warmed up Amy and her friends with our original skills and games.  And Owen Photography captured the special presentations to Amy on video just before the party.

Once in the room the kids were greeted by LSNY Event’s new 7′ by 10′ wide white Video Screens and our brand new LED Dance Stages with matching illuminated front board.

The room dazzled and the dance party jumped off with the adults making their way shortly after a beautiful cocktail hour.

Saxophone and Percussion added to the Live Vibe of the smoking hot night keeping all the guests on their toes.  Dave our World Class Sax player whipped out his harmonica on “Long Train Running” and it sounded like the Doobie’s were performing live. 

With special touches such as the Names of the candle lighting honorees presented on screen underneath the live video feed, the Rosner’s created a world-class experience for their guests.
The Lightning Photo Booth was on hand along with Owen Photography’s Photo Station, so plenty of opportunities for photo favors for everyone to take ho

me.  The Lightning Photo Booth offered both traditional photo booth strips and 6 x 4 photos put in Lucite frames.  You can see the custom logo of Amy Avenue in the picture to the right and the strip to the bottom.
The guests put on their best  Springsteen and sang a medley led by dad and a cohort of men, while later a cool Soul Train line brought out their dance best. Too many hightlights to mention but Amy’s entrance was electric with the floor fully packed jumping up and down.

Proud mom Stef  looked absolutely stunning and despite just receiving an ankle injury was on her feet dancing with no one the wiser.  (The power of love, joy and few tasty cosmopolitans is the magic fuel to party the night away).

Amy rose to the occasion both during her entrance and the heartfelt Circle of Appreciation at the end on the shoulders of one of our LSNY All Stars Charles.

There’ll be more pictures from this party and video coming. But it was an absolute pleasure to be party of Amy’s night.

If you would love to have any of the above services and special attractions for your next party, we’d enjoy speaking with you.  201 475-5769 in NJ.  917 204-9690 in NY and anywhere else.

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