Sam’s Mitzvah at Bubby’s One for the Record Books

On a windy and cold blustery January night in Brooklyn, Sam’s family and friends warmed it up at Bubby’s in Brooklyn. 

The dancing alone, the rush of excitement heated the place up where they had to open up the windows in there!  Alex (Sam’s mom) said that her guests were going to dance but WOW! 

This was an all out fun party with packed dance floor for every dance set straight to the end. 

So many highlights of this party to comment on.  First the hospitality of Bubby’s, they couldn’t be more gracious.  Tiffany McCord. the Events Coordinator at Bubby’s was wonderful.  We’ve worked with kind folks and the other types and Tiffany typifies someone we hope we would be able to work with at every event.

Sam is a young man of many talents and abilities.  He carries a cool confidence and enough swag to be instantly someone you’d like to be friends with.  He is down to earth but can dance and jump with the best.

Andy (dad) created one of the all time great video features for Sam that I’ve ever seen.  It was 15 minutes long and you couldn’t look away.  Compiled and edited over a hundred hours it captured everything leaving no stone unturned. 

If you’ve ever seen an awards show tribute it felt like that.  Kudos and cheers to Andy for that uplifting piece.

Now the party!  What?!!!  Sheer Dancing Joy.  Crazy, funny, original lunacy, smiling faces everywhere.  Pockets of families dancing.   The little ones doing the Curly Shuffle on the floor.  Grandmothers taking solos!  Just Amazing fun.  My face hurt from laughing and smiling so much.

And yet this was one for the ages!  Not only did the adults join in on Coke and Pepsi, for the first time in our history, an adult team WON!  We’re calling Guinness this morning to see if that goes in the Mitzvah book of World Records. Which if there isn’t a book, should be written.

Congratulations to Sam, Alex, Andy, Charlie and Nell, to your friends and family, the grandmothers, the Park Slope community, colleagues all for making this a very special night. 

If you would like to have the kind of party where everyone from grandmothers to 5 year olds are dancing in sheer joy call me at 917 204-9690 for a complimentary entertainment evaluation.

Michael Sage Schindler

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