FAQ: With so Many Great Companies what Differentiates You

This is a question that of course any business and company seeks to address.  What makes you unique?  What differentiates you? 

What other unique things do you offer? 

Specifically or Technically we offer 4 Real Life Tangible Items that sets us apart– the Lightning Photo Booth, The Ultimate Games Master, Special Event Choreography – for weddings, mitzvahs, and corporate events and the much admired and appreciated LSNY  Schedule of Entertainment & Run of Party that has been touted by event industry folks as one of the most welcomed, easy to follow, comprehensive. client-championed schedules.

What we offer to our clients and their guests that differentiates us probably more than anything is what we call Authentic JOY .

There are hundreds and easily thousands of companies doing mitzvahs, weddings, and private event entertainment in our treasured NYC metro area. 

Like in any industry there are some companies that are simply not up to snuff. Some that aspire to be great and work hard, but need some time to gain experience and skills.  And some are quite good at their job, even considered great and consistent with their performances. 

And then there are handfuls like in any industry that just stand out. It’s not by accident that these companies rise above.  You’ve seen it.  You recognize it.  These are the elite artists

Before Cirque du Soleil there was just the circus.  Some great ones. Some fun ones. But Cirque brought an artistry, passion and heart to their acts that I personally never saw before.  It wasn’t just that they could do crazy neat new things.  They want to completely grab us and mesmerize us.  They want to leave an indelible impression.  And they wanted to take us on a journey from beginning to end.

And that they do.  With exquisite direction they and talented dedicated people they become elite artists. They definitely grabbed me and apparently millions of others that as well.

Blue Man Group did the same thing.  They took an idea and created a masterful performance.  This was particular thrilling for me because I worked and hung out with those 3 guys back in our humble struggling days as catering waiters in NYC.

Elite, when it comes to mitzvahs, weddings and special event entertainment, isn’t so much about music, energy and spectacle, and the next great lighting or decor piece of awesomeness, because most companies can supply the technology. Those are tools we use.

In the end, it’s how everything is used by the talented people that makes the impact that lasts.

An artist for me is someone who reaches through to people with their passion and talent…Touches them in a place that they always remember that experience and would always enjoy having it again.  It’s why millions of recordings are sold.

To be an Elite Artist in special event entertainment such as mitzvahs, weddings and corporate events in my opinioncomes down to the desire, ability, skill, direction, spirit to reach through and connect people to the best part of themselves.  The people have to CARE DEEPLY about what they are doing and who they are doing it for.

If you watch DJ companies videos to do your research , you may have noticed it’s either a musical montage or if they show raw video (unedited) you’ll see MCs and performers going all OUT.  There’s a high energy push and if you listen you might notice a monotone voice that DRIVES and urges the guests to Go.  

Sometimes it feels like a powerful machine driving… “C’MON!” often being a one word sentence like a whip.  It’s a high energy party agenda and that’s where they’re going – push down the accelerator. 

I’m all for high energy exhilarating parties, we all want that.  The key word is exhilarating.  Do you just go with it or do you feel hesitant?  How do we get to the good feeling places?

In many of the videos it can often feel like there is just a piece missing from the whole.  You may not be able to put your finger on it.  I think of it as the Why.  Why are we doing this?  As I’m watching I am asking would I feel compelled to want to ENJOY myself by this MC. 

Remembering the WHY.

Sometimes if you look at the guests, (int he video) not the entertainment, it tells a different story.  You see people not quite matching the energy of the performers, or disengaged, even sometimes looking dazed or confused.  I just watched one today and the Bat Mitzvah girl herself was literally physically wincing at the MC’s commands.  He was doing his thing barking out motivation and he completely lost her.  Finally he caught on after about 4 winces and took her hand trying to calm her down, which was a good move on his part.

That’s a company pushing the mission of “Party” at all costs, instead of FEELING the Party and engaging in the celebration.

Many companies push down the pedal and “press the autodrive button”  and that’s the way they go.  Pushing the whole way.

There’s can often be felt a loss of feeling and care in this method of entertainment.

This what I would call disconnection.  The performers are not in tune with their guests.  This is an enormous difference between the Elite Artist and the performer. 

We don’t demand it.  We attract it. 

And that’s where LSNY has found the difference to GREAT FEELING and LONG LASTING Jofuyl Memories.  A great artist in special events is attuned connected to his audience as he plays.  I’m incredibly proud of our performers because it’s been the soul of what we do.  Our people really love and care about sharing their talent and joy. 

They love that we get to do this.  It FEELS better to everyone particularly the guests.  The exhilaration comes because everyone is free to experience it.

We start with appreciation and offer an invitation to join in with us.  From the very beginning in 1991 we brought in the greatest genuine artists we could and dedicated our performance toward raising spirits.  We’re not just having a party we ‘re celebrating your livcs.   To be able to do this as a career is incredible to say the least.  To be able to do it well comes down to direction, artistry and care of our people. 

Music, lighting, dancers, video, decor, entertainers all create the spark, interest and excitement, but to be TRULY compelling  like the Elite Artists above, one has to take off the automatic cruise control and be fully present and open with your heart.   This melts away any of the unwanted stuff and just leaves all the good stuff.

There are some groups of guests that are completely ready to go wild at the start and will thrive on high energy.  There are others that are maybe a bit more reserved, that need some wooing, kindness, appreciation, and warming up to get there. 

If a company can be present, recognize and start with that and take them from wherever the guests are to the peak of excitement without MAKING or COERCING them to go there, then the energy in that room is fully ALIVE and extraordinary.  It pulsates.  It FEELS different.  Fresher.  Lighter.  More Joyful.   When this happens the company has positively raised the group’s energy and spirit.

This is what the Elite Artists in our industry are able to give to their clients.  

This is what we have aspired to, elevated to and committed ourselves to giving our clients on every event we do.   LSNY Events has worked very hard to make it look so effortless. 

So in addition to the 4 very real tangible differences the Lightning Photo Booth, The Ultimate Games Master,  and Client Choreography, and the highly touted LSNY  Schedule of Entertainment and Run of Party our clients receive the nuance, talent, and ability of our artists to rise to another level while providing all the beautiful innovative and lighting, video screens, amusements, fun choreography and delightful extras. 

For more information on this or any other entertainment topic please feel free to add a comment, or call me.

Here’s to your greatest celebrations

Michael Sage Schindler


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