Stellar Surprise Performances Highlight Marin’s Bat Mitzvah Party at the Essex House

The New LSNY Events Screen looked amazing with Marin's name animated in lights

The afternoon was sparkling from the very beginning.  The Jumeirah Essex House Ballroom was bedazzled inLavender which was Marin’s theme color of the day. 

The 72″ rear projected Screens displayed projected screens had Congratulations Marin elegantly displayed and the anticipation of monumental day lingered in the air as friends and family begun tricking in.

Later live photos, cool animations and the montage of Marin through her life were featured as the party went on. 

The Ultimate Games Master Skills and Games started off the afternoon for the kids, in the main ballroom while the adults mingled in the Petite Salon.  But we found many adults were interested in hanging in the “fun” room and trying out the Woggler, and Baseball Toss games. 

The Lightning Photo Booth was a big hit all afternoon long as both  kids and adults came over to pick through the Green Screen Themes and signed the Photo Album for Marin.

LSNY Lightning Booth

Oe of the Many fun photos taken with the Lightning Photo Booth. This was the NYC Theme - 1 of 4 themes for the day.

The Biggest Highlights of this party was surely the family and friends.  Regan and Tony are each tremedously generous and wonderful people.  Both their daughters were having a ball. 
But there was also a couple of surprises in store for the day. 
Uncle Andrew once a dancer with Paul Taylor and on Broadway many years before had performed the Bottle Dance from Fiddler on the Roof at Tony and Regan’s wedding solo.
For this special Mitzvah for his niece he got a lot more men involved.  With only 2 hours of rehearsal 8 men, family and friends, including a special guest Christopher Meloni, best known for Law and Order SVU, and Tony, Marin’s father, Uncle Jimmy and the others came out and FLOORED the crowd with their rendition.
At the end of the dance they hoisted Marin high above their heads to a wildly cheering crowd.  All men looked like heros to their individual families, but beyond that it set the tone for one of the most upbeat, fun and exciting parties of the year.

Family and Friends perform the Bottle Dance from Fiddler - A Thrilling Surprise

The LSNY Superstar Crew made sure a rocking, non-stop party with dancing and games ensued, without one dull moment.  Our brand new LED Dance Stages held close to 40 kids at one point allowing the party and dancing to be viewed from anywhere in the ballroom.
As if this wasn’t enough, after the montage, Uncle Andrew’s wife, the gorgeous and talented Anastasia Barzee, noted actress and singer, (new album is out on I Tunes) was to perform a song for Marin.  “Bridge Over Troubled Water” was to be the song.
Little did she know her entorage of two gorgeous little boys would be right there with her every note of the way.  The youngest one wanted to be even closer to the action like on her hip, and demanded the microhone after every phrase. 
When Anastasia tried to soldier on, the little one expressed his displeasure by belting out a little song of his own….”WAAAAAHHHHH”.  The guests were enthralled with how this drama/comedy would play out, and the song took on a whole new meaning.
Uncle Andrew came by to attempt to intervene, but that was like gasoline on a fire.  As no good deed goes unpunished and he attempted to back away now the older of the two little ones wanted to be involved.
Finally with one fell swoop Andrew hoisted up both kids and the older one had lungs much like his mother let out a belt that was heard at the Brooklyn Bridge.  A fitting ending to a once in a lifetime moment.
The audience laughing and applauding in empathy to the well meaning aunt.  
The party picked up from there and never looked back!
I am honored and deeply appreciative to be able to assist in creating a special day for the family and Marin.  On behalf of the entire staff of LSNY Events thank you for having us!
Michael Sage Schindler 
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