A Brave, GALLANT and Amazing night – once in a Lifetime Party

A little of the pre-party cocktail festivities October 29th, 2011.  This date will live a long time in peoples’ minds on the east coast as the day that outdid Hurricane Irene for weather drama.  The noreaster came up the east coast and reaked havoc in a way the meterologists were warning us Irene would be doing, but really didn’t do. 

Who would ever predict a foot of snow (in some places) a few days before Halloween.  Attention ghosts and ghoblins they’ll be no Trick or Treat this year.  Mother Nature’s spoken.

At 3pm as I was leaving to get to my 6:30pm mitzvah for Sofie Gallant at the Prospect Park Picnic House, I had just opened my driver’s side door and heard strange ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ sound looked up and watched a cable snap swing down like a Hollywood special effect and land in front of my driveway.  A live wire.

I had my wife call 911 as the sparks flamed similarly to lava falling into the ocean…still on fire but steaming at the same time.  Then it occured to me I have to get out of my driveway or they’re going to ground me here. 

How do I get off my driveway without touching that live power line.  Unfortunately I didn’t do all the well in chemistry in school, but something told me rubber tires may be safe if I touch it.  Then figuring I could maybe get over my lawn, I’ll try to go over my 1′ high wood planking flanking my driveway and bypass the issue.

So off I went.  Whoops.  The combination of the snow and the plank kept pushing me back into the driveway.  I kept trying to get over but it simply became an obstacle too high to hop.  My car was pushed back toward the live wire.  I had no choice but to try to make it by.

I have to say I was lucky because cars in the street were still moving and it was slippery even for 4 wheel drive vehicles.  My vehicle spun from the effort trying to get over the plank and then I realized I was in traffic.  Spinning.  Thanks to much more careful drivers there was not an incident.

I stopped off at Panera because I had eaten early in the day and knew it was going to be a long one.  Panera’s computers were down so they were not serving anyone.  I ran to the pizza place but opted not to get anything after standing there thinking about the weather and how bad it was.

Got back to my car and upon turning the ignition got no start.  I tried again and it gave me a limp flicker.  I thought to myself, “Oh no, the wire shorted my electric or zapped my battery.”  3 more tries and my car coughed to life. 

Now inside I’m sweating.  Will I make it to Brooklyn? Will my car start again after I stop it? Will I stall on the way?  No choice now but to go.

On my way down RT. 4 toward the GWB it was 4 mph max.  Bumper to bumper.  What the heck were all these people doing out in this?  The worst weather day of the year? 

Ring.  Ring… my cell phone.  My DJ is in Prospect Park.  Workers stopped him and told him all activities have been cancelled.  The park is closed.  He said we have an event at the Picnic House.  They said it’s closed due to dangerous trees.

I call Barbara Gallant my client to see if she heard anything.  She picks up somewhat frazzled from the day.  I asked her and she said she’d heard nothing.  I recount the story of my phone call.  She gets very anxious.  I say let’s check it out because it may not be so – she’ll call the caterer.  But if it’s closed why don’t you call the temple to see if the space is available?  We can always move it there if need be.

She said she’ll call me back.  I’m still moving 4 mph.  My DJ texts me back in 10 minutes, “Good to go.”  I call Barbara immediately to give her the good news.  Barbara was frustrated with the whole of the day and events and just took a moment to vent.  I understood.  She had just been told that her party might have to be cancelled or possibly postponed.  That’s a logistical nightmare.

Dad, Scott was in fact over at Prospect Park actually cutting down trees and moving them off the road so guests and our crew could actually get in.  My windshield wipers fell stopped at two points while on the highway.  And each came off at different times.  I was really wondering if this would be the first party I’d miss by an act of God.

And as they said in Shakespeare in Love – “it all works out in the end.  How? Don’t know it just does.” We all arrived.  Guests, crew, catering staff, we all made it and as you can see from the video it was a stellar evening.  It was actually by all accounts, my staff included one of the best parties of the year.

You can see a triumphant Barbara in the Hora Chair.  That’s how I would have felt making it through all of that.  It’s one that I’m really glad I was at.  The Gallants made a great party for everyone and most of the time everyone was dancing. 

Sophie was a trooper.  One knee operation and hurt her other one dancing at her party, she was still the life of the night.  Congratulations to everyone who made that night possible and special.

PS:  My car started and I made it home to a power outage for 2 days.  But really happy!!!!!

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2 Responses to A Brave, GALLANT and Amazing night – once in a Lifetime Party

  1. sophie says:

    i love my party

  2. sophie says:

    so sad its over:( thanks everyone for coming, and all the staff! and what a snow storm!!! 🙂

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