A Wild and Fun Afternoon with the Chertoff Family

Alex Chertoff is the kind of young man we’d love our own kids to grow up to be.  Kind, polite, gracious, confident not cocky, great friend to his friends, great son to his parents.  So it’s no surprise that his Bar Mitzvah party at Deity in downtown Brooklyn was a runaway blast. 

LSNY worked closely with Larry Chertoff and Caio Dunston of Deity to assure that everything went a smoothly as possible. 

Alex wanted a party that had both games and dancing, and we added in some of our exclusive Ultimate Games Master repertoire into the mix.  Just the right amount of games and dancing.  The Hoola Team Challenge seemed to be one of the high points, although the dancing almost never stopped.

Rose and Larry (mom & dad) have a close place in the LSNY Event family now for a couple of years.  They hired LSNY for Alex’s older sister Natalie’s party a little while back.  Natalie showed up at Alex’s party looking amazing, a young lady about a foot taller and ready to dance;  she won an LSNY CD for her enthusiasm and energy.

Alex’s friends from Poly Prep were outstanding.  We often find ourselves commenting on how amazing the kids in Brooklyn are.  The parents in Brooklyn on a whole do such a great job raising respectful, sweet and real down to earth kids that we always look forward to coming back for the next party.

Lastly, one of our favorite comments from the security guard at Deity, “You are the absolute best I’ve ever seen here with the kids.”  It always means a lot to us when the staff gets excited about parties.

Congratulations to the Gasner-Chertoff family for having two incredible kids, for sharing your hearts and hospitality with your guests and with us. 

If you are looking to have a party that is completely taken care of for you from beginning to end with vibrancy, warmth, excitement and lots of down to earth fun give us a call.  We’ll be happy to give you a complimentary entertainment evaluation.  201 475-5769 or lsnyent@gmail.com – visit us at our website.

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3 Responses to A Wild and Fun Afternoon with the Chertoff Family

  1. This was a beautiful day for us. MIchael at LSNY and Caio Dunson of Deity Lounge throw a great party and more than exceeded our expectations. A really special time that everyone enjoyed, kids and grown-ups alike. Then venue was fabulous, the entertainment divine. It was fun, no doubt, but it was the personal touches that made it really special. Thanks Michael, Caio, and staff for a great party and for memories for a lifetime.

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