The Two Guys you Must have at your Party

As I mentioned previoulsy on “When I See My Name in Lights” with Justine toward the end of the party, dad came up and said you got catch this:  Two of his buddies were out on the dance floor, most likely for the first time that night, rocking out to Don’t Stop BelievinThese 2 gentleman dressed to the nines were motoring up throwing moves people may not have seen them do in a decade, I’m speculating, but by the way Brian had caught my attention, maybe not too far off.

It was one of the highlights of the evening along with the two young boys I call them the T-boys who were equally scene stealing when they were out on the dance floor.  Gauging from mom’s expression they hadn’t quite been seen like that at another party.

Here’s one of them with his dad and a proud and happy mom dancing close by. Congratulations to the Bedrin-Murray family for throwing such a fun, festive and elegant night.  We were really proud to be a part of it.


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