A Love Story that Spanned More than a Decade

I first met Lucy and Arturo when the realtor who found me my house called to say her only daughter was getting married.  I came over to the real estate office for a sit down. 

Mary Ann Glover, a wonderful realtor in Bergen County, Lucy’s mother was glowing with pride.  But then I met Lucy who is effervescent.  She was so happy to be getting married and Arturo this soft-spoken gentleman of a man, while not saying much was attentively listening and catching every moment.

Since they were so close to my home we met a number of times the same way.  Each time we got closer and I almost began to feel like part of the family. 

Above was the intro to the wedding.  An intimate affair finely catered by the folks at Biagios in Paramus, NJ.

Some of the beautiful touches that the Martinez brought to the reception was acknowledging Pat O Brian the man responsible for brining Lucy into MaryAnn’s life when she was adopted 22 years ago.

We presented their love story in a fun way.  See the video below. Here’s a few minutes from that presentation.  A spontaneous round of applause opened up at the 7 minute mark and the party continued to climb into a hot dance party right after until the end. 

A beautiful story of two people who found each other again after 13 years and are sharing their lives together.  Best wishes to you! 

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2 Responses to A Love Story that Spanned More than a Decade

  1. Dear Michael,
    Thank you so much for making our wedding such a wonderful celebration. We truly enjoyed ourselves as did our guests. Your energy and enthusiasm was unbelievable! It was amazing for the fact that everyone was able to hear Arturo’s and I love story. As one of our guest said “I don’t know how much you paid him but he was worth every penny!’ lol I would certainly recommend you to everyone. It was a fun day just the way it should be. One of the most important things was at how comfortable and easy you made everything. We became so close to you and you knew exactly what we wanted. You were sincere, caring, and you touched our hearts. Thank you again so much. It was a blessing to have you has our M.C.

    • LSNYEvents says:


      You are so Welcome! You were wonderful to work with and I couldn’t have had a better time at a wedding. Your guests were so much fun. I will remember your wedding forever!

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