Brooke and Kendall’s Wedding – Finding Each Other Again after So Long

So many stories that touch my heart in this amazing industry we’re in.  Some seem so much like real life Fairy Tales.  In fact many of my recent and upcoming wedding have shared a similar theme.

Brooke and Kendall dance with their nieces and nephews

 Boy meets girl when they are both very young. 

Boy and girl become good friends. 

Boy and girl go out. 

After school boy and girl go their separte ways. 

Later in life they somehow find their way back and realize no one else could fill the place that the other did.

They get married.

This is very much the story of Brooke and Kendall. They met while in Holy Spirit High School in Absecon, New Jersey.  Going through some wonderful times and heartbreaking times together, Kendall moved to Minnesota after high school. 

6 long years later Brooke visited him there and they realized their love was too strong to be so far separated.

But just as Kendall was going to move back to NJ,  Brooke was heading to Florida to get her master’s degree.  But like movies and fairy tales Kendall changed plans a few months later and went to Florida. 

Brooke now works at the Miami Veterans Affairs Hospital on Spinal cord injuries and Kendall is completing his double major in business marketing and American history.  Here’s their intro….

Their reception had all the charm and beauty of historic Smithville Inn where the ocassion was hosted.  Kendall in his toast was clearly moved at his “good fortune that Brooke came to find him in Minnesota.  It was everyone who attended’s great good fortune as well.

This was no typical wedding reception. Kendall’s family perform at every function they attend and when Brooke’s family joined in for a rendition of Monty Python’s “The Bright Side of Life” you know this was a crowd ready for anything and everything.

Another of the many highlights of the night was The Newlywed Game.

The party took off from 9:30 to the end with Kendall’s sister Nicole providing old Tina Turner Proud Mary
Rolling on a River energy, and the nephews and nieces pulling out tricks on the floor. 

Brooke’s mother Lorey Bird has also not aged in the 12 years since I’ve known her and danced like she was 25 years old.  Lorey is the former Director of Special Events at Harrah’s Properties in Atlantic City as I mentioned on the previous post.  She added neat little touches by having the nieces dressed like Butterflies and the nephews like Princes. 

And if you watch the first dance intro you’ll see that it worked well in the theme.

Her husband Gerry is a lucky man, and now so is Kendall.

Congratulations to the the Westmorelands and Bird families! 

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4 Responses to Brooke and Kendall’s Wedding – Finding Each Other Again after So Long

  1. Beth says:

    The wedding party was a blast, Brooke stunning, Lorey fabulous, Gerry and Kendall very lucky men & I was honored to be a part of such a fantastic day. Smithville Inn was the perfect setting and Michael as always, over the top exciting, keeping the party going all night!

    • Beth,
      So great to see you there. Thank you for your warmth and energy. No celebration can really take off without the love and support of great people. You are one of those great people. I’m so glad you were there.

      Thank you for your kind remarks. It means a lot.

      • Beth says:

        I just wanted to add that I have been to several amazing events that you MC & DJ. I was surprised and delighted to see you also capture the happenings via video as well, what a great feature! Again, loved the event & video, Def a triple talent!

  2. Lorey says:

    5 STARS*****and 1 MILLION THANKS! Michael, you united everyone like magic right from the start and made them feel the LOVE. You conquered working with plan changes, personalities and a venue with no contemporary updates. Your persona, attire, talent and everything about you is ELECTRIC! An EXTREMELY TALENTED and UNIQUE PROFESSIONAL, YOU ARE!

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