How to Have the Best Party Ever – Artists VS. Performers

I recently posted a video blog entry in our “How To Have The BEST PARTIES Ever” series…you can check it out by clicking the quoted title.

If you haven’t watched it, it’s short and very VERY beneficial for being able to know what you are seeing when watching video of entertainment companies.

Besides wanting to provide the most exciting and memorable experience for our clients, I also want to help educate everyone from an inside look at the industry on some of the differences that will make a big impact for their event.

I was recently researching websites and saw some video of DJ companies online as I mentioned I do and one company had one of the most amazing eye-catching websites with high tech digital transitions and special effects. 

I loved the flash website.  I wanted to see the performers if they were equally dynamic as the website.

They were.  In fact they were very dynamic and energetic.  But there was something missing.  I couldn’t put my finger on it right away.

Then I saw the guests and I got it.  They were going through the moves asked of them but…there was something missing from their faces.   The life…the enjoyment. 

If a performer goes out and delivers this huge energy but they haven’t REALLY INVITED or ATTRACTED the guests to WANT to go with them, they can actually get a flat response back.

And this was maybe what I was seeing here. 

It’s of the utmost importance for performers in our industry to want to CONNECT to the guests and form a friendly, happy likeable bond with them. 

If a performer is going really hard and blowing up with lots of energy and let’s say it’s an MC and hyping the crowd up to raise the energy that’s great…unless the performer is not truly interacting and GIVING something of himself/herself to the guests.

When I looked at the crowd many were in motion but their faces and eyes were not really excited.  Like they were working too hard to try to follow.  It was almost a chore.

And the performers didn’t catch it.  They were busy creating atmosphere and energy.

This is the difference between ARTISTS and performers. It’s almost as if like in theater there’s an imaginary 4th wall there up on stage. 

You are watching a performance but you are not interacting with them.  Here the performer is doing the dancing, putting on a show but really focused on themselves and what they’re doing.

When you select your entertainment whether its a wedding, a Bnei Mitzvah, anniversary, holiday event or even just going out to a show you will have a much better time and the potential for a stellar monumental experience if you can make sure you have chosen artists – those who absolutely love what they do and want to share them with you. 

This brings out the artist in you and your guests.  Even if you aren’t an artist, you feel what it feels like to soar in that beautiful place.

Here’s to the best party ever and celebrating your life!

Michael Sage Schindler

At LSNY we’re dedicated to creating the most engaging,  exceptional and unforgettable events.  For discerning clients who want the very best we are absolutely committed to bringing that experience to you and your guests.

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