Author and “America’s Service Guru” Recognizes LSNY as One of the Best DJ Entertainment Experiences Ever

A while back we posted about The Chalik’s incredible Bnei Mitzvah party at the Vanderbilt at South Beach.  It was a fantastic time and we’ve heard wonderful reviews. 

Yesterday morning I received this letter by email from the event producer of the venue Ian Maksik.  I wanted to share it with our friends, families, clients and readers:

Dear Michael:

Thank you for the amazing job you did at the Chalik Bat Mitzvah. You certainly deserve the title of “Master Celebration Director” for you and your entire group did a most “Masterful” job of entertaining the guests at this event, which was just about 50% Adults and 50% Teens & Kids or should I say Kids of all ages.

My entire staff & I were also entertained as you kept the attention of the entire audience, while working closely with management on timing as an Event Partner to insure the absolute success of this celebration.

I am the former Catering Editor of CUE (NY Magazine) and have been responsible for thousands of high-profile events, but this was one of the most Fun’tastic Events I’ve ever been privileged to be part of thanks to your most innovative and professional direction.

You never talked down to the Kids but instead acted as if you were one of them and participated at their level. You equally kept the attention of all the adults and had them at your beckoned call as we witnessed their delightful enjoyment of your entertainers’ interaction with them.

The entire audience was having so much fun that it was difficult to get them to sit-down and enjoy their meal as well. We needed you to direct them to the table for it seemed you had them totally in your caring control.

Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference for we can’t wait to have you back again at The Vanderbilt at South Beach…

Sincerely Ian Maksik, Event Producer

Ian Maksik,”Professor of Service” known as “America’s Service Guru”& “King of the Caterers”
Professional Opener, Consultant, GM, Recruiter, Event Producer, Lecturer, Keynoter and
Trainer of Hospitality Trainers & Staff Worldwide
Presently… On a Consulting Assignment as Event Producer, Director of Training and Off-Premise & Ethnic Catering for a large NY/NJ Hospitality Group
Author of: “The A to Z’s of Professional Table Service” and “Service Stinks”
Founder of: The Service Arts Institute
Executive Offices:2055 Center Avenue, Fort Lee, NJ 07024 Suite 6E
201-482-4922 Cell 954-804-5413

I want to thank Ian for his his unbridled enthusiasm for our company.  Usually that kind of exhuberance is felt from clients.  It’s a great validation to hear from industry professionals that they recognize something extra special has happened through our company.

Now if only there was a transcript of his original phone call…I felt like we were getting the award for entertainers of the year.  I was grinning for a week after that phone call.

To get a proper perspective of how meaningful this is imagine doing 100s of events s a year over decades…Thousands of parties and events.  He’s seen it all. And they all tend to blend into one another. So to get excited about an event is a rare and notable moment. 

That’s why I am genuinely thankful of the recognition by people like Ian, Michael Subarsky, Martha Baum, Michael Chaut, David Tutera and many others who had similar peak experiences with LSNY. 

One of the biggest issues with the industry is a lack of enthusiasm and professionalism. Ethics, quality customer relationships and follow through with the delivery of what’s promised, which are esseintial for any business, is unfortunately not as much the norm in our industry.

This becomes a major selling point for us when prospects are considering other entertainment options but don’t offer these truly important “qualifiers.”  These “qualifiers” that can be overlooked by “salesmanship” and “offering deals” are so often the critical difference between an unforgettably “funtastic” life memorable experience and disappointment. 

Being a person and company that focuses on delivering these values and services, and being recoginized in this way by people at the highest level of service in our industry can help justify working with us at our more premium price point.

Ian’s letter is a testimonial of the caliber of our professionals and passionate dedication that even long time veterans of the industry find exciting and refreshing.   

Thank you Ian. 

Follow your passion and keep focusing on the goal and great things will happen.

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