“Wild Elogence” LSNY Lights up the Beach for Uma’s Dance Fashion Bat Mitzvah Party

 When I was growing up in Southern NJ as a teen who just loved playing baseball, creating group dance moves and making people laugh, I never imagined I’d be able to do 2 of the 3 things I’ve loved my whole life in NYC let alone internationally.  

As many of you know from reading the blogs here I’ve had the opportunity to perform in Switzerland, the Caribbean, Canada, and Hawaii, at incredible 5 Star venues with impeccable service, places I’d probably would have never known about were it not for the wonderful clientele and planners that invite me and our team to celebrate their milestone events with them.

 The sheer positive energy and vibrancy that fill these events is so intoxicating, you just never want it to end.  It was like that again Sunday night at the Vanderbilt at South Beach.  I had performed in Staten Island only twice in my career, this what a beautiful venue to have an event. The Vanderbilt is right on the beach which makes for a scenic backdrop as you can see by the ceremony picture..

While perhaps one of the most logistically challenging events of the season with a previous afternoon party on their site that ran long, our highly efficient production professionals at LSNY went into high gear putting together an incredible room which would normally be a 3 hour set up in just under an hour and a half with attention to every detail, logistics and the ideal placement of each piece, electric run, every wire, every light, including production notes, and performance cues.  I LOVE my team!

Ian Maksik, Event Producer at the venue was courteous and as hospitable as could possibly be.  Each challenge that arose was adeptly and smartly handled in cooperation with the staff at the Vanderbilt. With a winning combination of hospitality, food and beautiful venue, I could see how the Chalik family decided to have their daughter’s mitzvah there.

I had the opportunity to meet with Natasha and Uma at Rogers Dance Sport where Uma trains with her ballroom partner.  I got to see Uma in action on a few occasions.  She works very hard and is a wonderful dancer as the video will show.  That dedication and passion for dancing certainly filled this party.

The Chaliks’ chose an original and exciting theme of Dance Fashions for Uma’s party  Each table had a realistic looking mannequin or should I say femalequin in a gorgeous hot and sexy Latin ballroom gown.  When I first walked into the space I thought they had live female models posing on each table that’s how beautiful they all looked.  Each one of those costume gowns would have looked amazing on the female dancers of Dancing with the Stars.

One of the highlights was Uma and her friends gave a dance performance (see video) to the theme of the Pink Panther with a slamming remix thrown in so they could show off the dramatic and funky sides of their skills.   Natasha asked us to bring in black lights to help highlight the number to get the most effect. The girls knocked it out of the park.

And perhaps my favorite moment of the night at the end when Natasha up in one of our dancers arms threw a triumphant fist in the air with such force she nearly took Charles down. But an amazing catch and the moment lives forever as an unforgettable moment!

Another truly exciting and wonderful night and I cannot be more thankful for the wonderful clients that come to our events and get engaged and lift off with us.  It’s so much fun to be a part of these milestone celebrations.  On behalf of the entire crew I want to thank Natasha, Yuly, Gary and Uma for making it so much fun for us!  The Chalik’s let it all out on the dance floor holding nothing back.

Particular thanks to Natasha who was fully invested and involved with the party from beginning to end.  We had many great conversations, brainstorming sessions and collaborative moments that helped bring out the best for Uma.

Mitzvah season has come to a close and now it’s time to focus on our upcoming weddings.  I look forward to the next party to share with you.

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3 Responses to “Wild Elogence” LSNY Lights up the Beach for Uma’s Dance Fashion Bat Mitzvah Party

  1. Marianna Pilch says:

    What a beautiful event for a great girl Uma! I’m so proud of my incredible friend Natasha who made it ALL take place – choose scienic venue, good menu, stunning and unusual table design, top notch entertainment. She her self is the most gorgeous and entertaining hostess, as well as most amazing mother and woman walking our darling Earth. Thanks to everyone who helped to make Uma’s party a huge success!

    • Hi Marianna,

      Thank you for your lovely post. I agree wholeheartedly. Natasha is all that and a smorgasboard. I’m so glad that you enjoyed yourself at the party. Don’t forget to Like Us at the bottom of the blog and share it with your friends and colleagues who may be looking to have a “Wild Eloquent” like this or Hurricane of Energy Party.


      Michael Sage Schindler.

  2. Lee Noring says:

    I liked the video. Allways happy to return the favor to one of my TG friends.

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