The Ultimate Games Master – Party Master goes to College

In October last year Hostos Community College in the Bronx had a Career Carnival. Right in the middle of the School.  You might imagine the kind of spectacle that created. And it did.

LSNY Events was hired to consult, advise, assist with programming and host the event.  The Hostos Career Services Team featuring director Rebecca Hoda-Kearse were dedicated and resilient in pulling this wonderful day off.

In the video above yours truly came in all white with a new Billy Preston Doo just for the occasion. In sunglasses I look a lot taller.

It was a fast paced, music rocking, welcomed interruption into the school day. We did everything from Persistence is Key Hula Hoop Competition to Let me Hook you Up and the Un-Fashion Show. About 5 pages of script and improvisational moments held it all together.  And I mean how can you look away from a giant Afro in a white suit.

And with all the curve balls a live event such as this throws at you, the HCS Team brought it together with great aplomb and few cherries!  Hoda-Kearse reported it was one of the most successful Career Carnivals ever.

If you are in need of a unique and memorable host to knock em out for your special event call me Michael at 201 457-5769.  It’s not just hosting, you get 20 years of creativity and collaboration.

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