Indianapolis 500 Mitzvah Comes to NY

“I feel the need…the need  for speed.”  Name that movie. Answer below.

That catch phrase although was about racing with another type of vehicle, certainly played a role (roll) in the theme of Matthew and Benjamin’s mitzvah last weekend in Mt. Kisco, NY.

Laurie Silberstein put together boy’s dream mitzvah at Grand Prix New York – a supercharged high reving – party for more some 70 kids.  The party started with all who wanted to getting briefed on the driving instructions and then hitting the track for the suped up race-grade professional go karts. 

Those who didn’t race got deeply involved with the Ultimate Games Master skills and games and taking pictures with our Foto Favor green screen computerized photos.

The black and white dance floor continued the theme of a checkered flag.  The adults were treated to Sushi and drinks during cocktails and those that wanted to race were free to do so. 

Talk about a fun party.

After all the racing came the main party, and the kids were triple revved up.  Race cars act like a triple espresso on kids and they could hardly contain themselves. 

It was wide open fun with the games area and dancing, photos and a casino table.  There was something for everyone. 

The movie by the way was “Top Gun”.  Matthew and Benjamin ended up having one of the memorable parties of the season.  Congratulations to Laurie, Steve, William and the whole family.

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