What if they don’t Dance? Solution: The Ultimate Games Master Party



What do you do if you’re having a mitzvah, a birthday party, a communion and the kids are not big dancers? You still want to have a fun time. You know dancing really ties a party together emotionally, but if they don’t dance how can you get that same GREAT feeling?

That’s why I created the Ultimate Games Master and Ultimate Games Master Dance Parties.

The video shows you just a few more of the skills and games that we do. We also have the original one on our website.

What if some of the kids are dancers but some aren’t? The UGM Dance Party covers you perfectly. The UGM is a proven success for mitzvahs and even corporate events. Last December we had the UGM team at the NYU School of Medicine Holiday Brunch for 1500 people and 400 kids.

They loved it so much they’re bringing us back this year.  “There’s no where in Manhattan you can go to get this kind of interactive experience.” Brad McLelland – event director of NYU School of Medicine.

What we’ve found out over 1200 parties is that the human interaction betwen our charismatic UGMs and kids (adults love it to) trumps the arcade style stuff every time and captivates kids like nothing else. So give us a call  – if you’re doing a party in the summer you can

Get 30% off our rates!!!!! 

Mention Video Log to get that special.

Here’s to celebrating your life.

Michael Sage Schindler

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