The Perfect Crazy Opening to Get Their Crowd into the Party

The Kramers march to their own beat. It’s one of the wonderful things about them. Isaiah and Hannah were no different. As a family they created a party that truly reflected all of their flavor and nuances.

I was surprised when after hearing that Isaiah and Hannah aren’t really dancers that they wanted to not only do an opening number but the whole family wanted to join in. That’s great fun! And the impact that something like that can make on a party cannot be underestimated.

Our LSNY event DJ crew went to work with the family and as you can imagine with crazy schedules and the stress of all that goes into making a mitzvah party there were times when we thought it might not come to be.

But as you can see from the video it was an amazing moment. Hannah who came up to me before the party told me she was really nervous. I told her that was good. She’ll have the right energy going into it and it means whe really cares about it.

She said to me afterward, “I had no idea that they would react like that during the dance.” That’s what you can never know. How powerful and wonderful it feels to have the support of your audience cheering you on. It’s like your flying.

Good job to the whole family!

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