Harrah’s Archives – 2007 Toast of the Coast with Paula Deen

Friday night at the POOL at Harrahs Atlantic City

Harrah’s Atlantic City had just opened their indoor Cabana Pool and to commemorate they brought me down to host a number of Food Network events in connection with the in house properties’ own cuisine. 

The result was a spectacular culinary feast.  Some of the most fun I’d had. It was a 2 day event.

Friday night chefs from all over Atlantic City – restaurants on the boardwalk, Casino master chefs, Food Network stars all made a few dishes for people to sample and enjoy.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I get paid to do this. 

Joe Piscopo dropped by to savor
eat and share a few laughs.

Celebrities mingled with high rollers and the gorgeous pool played the backdrop to phenomenal night.  If you left hungry you must have fallen asleep in one of the cabanas, because there was SO much food.

And almost everything was something you’d want to go back for thirds and forths for.
I was going to be doing a live show with the darling of the Food Network Paula Deen on Saturday afternoon, so I made my way over to introduce myself.  She is a hoot!  We took a few pictures together and it would be ungentlemanly of me to tell you where she was grabbing when the flashes went off.  But a lot of laughs were had.

To the right was the first of the shows we did on stage at Caesars AC inroducing Mia’s Chef Chris Scarduzio. Here I’m asking the audience to take in the wonderful aroma of Chris’ pasta.

Michael Sage on stage at Saturday night Vine & Dine at Caesars Palladium Ballroom introducing Master Chef Bradley Ogden (R) seen here on Friday night with his lovely wife.

Just below you’ll see the show we did with Paula Deen and her son and grandson who made a special appearance on stage.

Paula revealed to the crowd some touching moments of her childhood which I was not aware of. 

It’s in her books but she had a very bad case of Agoraphobia where she literally could not leave her house for many years.

Finally she overcame it and the rest as they say is history.  But what a personality.

Of the many times I had been down to the Atlantic City Properties I’d have to say that hosting these shows and the grand ballroom event for over a thousand people for Master Chef Bradley Ogden was an unforgettable experience.

If you’re hosting multiple live events that require a many different abilities from Master of Ceremonies live events to hosting live shows with audiences give me a call.

If there’s food invovled so much the better.  To contact Michael Sage Schindler to host your distinctive corporate events, launches, galas or fund raisers please call 917 204-9690.  Please give a 6 month to 1 year advance window, but some dates may be open just check in at info@lsny.net or call.

Michael Sage with Food Network Celebrity chefs Paula Deen and Iron Cat Cora

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