The Grove in Cedar Grove – the Highest Expression of Grand Hospitatily

Dazzling, Bravo, Beautiful…
I just got back from a site inspection  with event planner extroadinaire Martha Baum for an upcoming mitzvah in May.  The site is a brand new venue in Cedar Grove, NJ called The Grove.

LSNY is providing lighting and entertainment for the Kramers, a delightful family, who are related to Liz and Gary Kramer whose 3 childrens’ parties we did at Mountain Ridge Country Club over the last many years.  Larry and Catherine selected this pristine venue before it ever had it’s first party. They took a chance that it would be everything they wanted and I have to say from all appearances they made a fantastic choice.

All right here’s my big prediction:  Mark these words, The Grove will be one of the elite venues for distinctive weddings, classy mitzvahs and special events.  Michael Subarsky has brought his wealth of culinary and special event experience and my initial impression at least of the space itself is they hit the mark straight on.
From the website, “The Grove represents the highest expression of grand hospitality. This spectacular new wedding and special event venue offers magnificent architecture and elegant décor as well as a coterie of the area’s most accomplished catering professionals including distinguished master chefs, event planners, banquet managers and the most extensively trained staff in the industry. The Grove provides you with the ultimate in elegance, service, professionalism and attention to detail.”

The ballrooms are spacious with ample dance space. Each wall column has a crown piece that is fully lit with LED color changing lights from inside so they glow and slowly change throughout the evening.  Gorgeous chandiliers match the color changes creating a tasteful and elegant atmosphere.

Everything from the floors to the ceiling about this vernue has been chosen to enhance the vision of Grand Hospitality.

If you are looking for a venue with class, distinction, aesthetics and the highest caliber team behind it you will want to stop in and take a look at the Grove. 

I will happily have more to say in May after our grand event takes place with more pictures and hopefullly some video.

The Grove is located at  691 Pompton Avenue • Cedar Grove, New Jersey.

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3 Responses to The Grove in Cedar Grove – the Highest Expression of Grand Hospitatily

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  3. RSJR112410 says:

    How was the grand event? We are thinking about booking the Grove for a wedding, let us know!

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