Emma McIntosh mitzvah party with LSNY’s MC Brian

The McIntosh family is not your typical mitzvah family. Dana Goldstein and Robert McIntosh are the founders of the Theater Garden ironically not more than a few minutes walk from where I used to reside in Windsor Terrace.

Emma had seen us at a number of parties and it was destined that we would be there for hers. BEST TO WATCH ALL VIDEOS in 480p (Change it at the bottom).

MC Brian who is an outstanding dancer and very personable host presided over this small afternoon gathering in Park Slope.

Along with everyone’s favorite LSNY Superstar and Ultimate Games Master Rebecca, Brian started the afternoon off with a few ice breakers:

The Hora was one of the many highlights at the party as well with the entire family going up. Dana’s rise to the top was particularly fun as it appeared that perhaps taking the elevation ride was maybe not what she had planned but how can you not when you’re a theater person. Brian had the guys kicking like Russian Cossacks at the end – wish we had more footage of that.

Lots of good dancing, fun, trivia, for a nice intimate gathering, Brian set just the right tone not driving it over the top but hitting the sweet spot all the way through.

In the end a thrilled Robert and Dana, a very happy Emma and a future partier in David who we saw a few weeks later killing it on the dance floor. Congratulations to the family and thanks for having us with you.

Michael Sage Schindler

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