Simone and Diana’s weddding Halloween Night

It’s a unique night to get married.  You can imagine all the jokes and punch lines about getting married on Halloween.  Say what you will for guys, it’s a perfect way to never forget your anniversary.  This wedding felt like a fantastic sequel to a wedding we had the previous year.

Diana and Simone chose the one and only Westmount Country Club for their wedding.   LSNY brought in some additional LED lighting elements to make a spectacular purple room come to life.

Many of the same cast of characters were there and it felt like the roof lifted off…good thing it did because if made room for Simone here,,,

But this one had something extra in a feminine form.  A beautiful belly dancer to continue the fun…

Diana looked gorgeous and both Simone and she partied all night – there was a section with some hard house club beats that felt like we were at Cape Caniveral and we were underneath a launch.  All in all a very high energy, classy, memorable night, and no Halloween costumes or campy numbers.  Just straight party.

Much affection to Mr. and Mrs. Simone Moussa.

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2 Responses to Simone and Diana’s weddding Halloween Night

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  2. Michael Sage Schindler says:

    Precious,Thank you for your kind remarks. Keep chaekcing back.

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