High Expectations – Better Results – The Double Mitzvah High Octane Parties


This last weekend was a long anticipated one for us at LSNY. We had 2 mitzvahs at Congregation Beth Elohim in Park Slope at the same time.

One party was thrown by CBE’s own Rachel Altstein and Rabbi Andy Bachman for their daugher Audrey and the other, the second mitzvah in the Leath family – Dylan’s party. More on Dylan’s later. We fell in love with Audrey earlier in the year and then once we met the family we understood why we adored her so much. It was contagious in the family.

It’s very rare for the venue to have 2 at the same time. In our 19 years of events we’ve never had 2 events happen in the same venue at the same time. And my entire LSNY staff was chomping at the bit to get here. 

We are such a supportive and connected group they wanted to help each other to create amazing energy for both parties. If you’ve been to one of our parties I’m sure you’ve felt it. We were feeling it big.  The idea was when available the crew from one party would join the others to help ramp up the energy.  But in the end neither party needed a boost because the juices were flowing!

MC Yarnell one of the original LSNY Superstars put it all out there at Audrey’s mitzvah.  And the whole crew followed the energy.  Wyldchild, Meghan, J-Zap, DJ Joey…check out the energy on the HD video.  It was non-stop from the first moment to the close.  Rabbi Andy RAVED about Yarnell afterward with a sense of almost disbelief at how talented and amazing he was.  That was a joyful moment for me personally.
The kind of party we do comes from the heart.  You can’t move people where it sticks, without it and our crew have huge hearts.  It’s a two way street with the Bachman family.

Upstairs Dylan’s party had a little of everything, most of all very enthusiastic and BEAUTIFUL kids!  Amanda is one of the most gracious, cool people to work with. Justin’s party a few years ago was going to be tough to beat.  But once we got started it was not going to be an issue.

I’ll be posting more about this party shortly.  Check back soon.

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