Lighting, Percussion and an All Star Cast and Crowd

This is from an amazing night thrown by Kira and Leonard Vertsman for Arielle.  Kira said the crowd didn’t want to leave. 

“Hi Mike,

You truly created a most fun filled night for Arielle and the rest of the family and friends. My phone have not stopped ringing with all the amazing things that people are saying about the party.

Please relate this to all your staff and especially the dancers !!!!!

We are very very happy.

Thank you.


The question that gets asked 80% of the time is “How do you entertain both the kids and the adults?”  The simple answer is experience, knowledge, skill, talent, total commitment to joy and listening to your host and hostess to glean the nuggets of info that we can use to make it happen.  When the young and older more expienced guests are dancing and immerse themselves in the party it establishes a reputation for making great events exciting, yet personal and warm enough that eveyone wants to join in.  This is the ultimate goal for all mixed events. 

Congratulations to Arielle, friends, family and guests for joining in the fun and making it feel like the greatest party.  This is one that any family would be proud to have.  Check out the photo favor shots and down below pictures from the party itself from photographer Panagiotis Siafakas.

 Michael with Arielle and her friends & LSNY Superstar Rebecca
Picture courtesy of Panagiotis Siafakas
 Picture courtesy of Panagiotis Siafakas
Michael with hostess Kira Vertsman
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1 Response to Lighting, Percussion and an All Star Cast and Crowd

  1. Arielle says:

    It was an awesome party and you had a great deal to do with it! Loved it! Kira Vertsman

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