REVIEW Izzy Mindel & Fotos

photos courtesy of Max Flatow Photography

This is a review and some foto favor pictures of Izzy Mindel’s event.

Thanks Michael.

We did have a blast!

It truly was a pleasure working with you. From the very beginning planning stages I had the confidence that you would help make this a great party and you did.

You gave me a lot of peace of mind throughout the whole process and that is priceless!

I got great reviews from my guests and the kids were clearly engaged from start to finish. You’re a pro! Thanks again! See you at Emma Mac’s!

Dena (mom)
Enjoy some of the pictures you and your friends and family took at Izzy’s party.

It looks to me like a legitimate promo, you sure they weren’t in the show?
Don’t know if you noticed that the original yellow Wiggle has been replaced by Sam so nice choice to leave his head empty.
Cool the left their heads empty in this shot too.
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1 Response to REVIEW Izzy Mindel & Fotos

  1. Jill says:

    What a great way to remember a special party! Thanks

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