LSNY Featured at The BEST BLOCK PARTY in America

Michael Sage Schindler of LSNY at Radburn Family Day 2010

Radburn, New Jersey was selected by Reader’s Digest in 2006 as the Best Block Party in America. Many Radburn residents, even citizen association people who throw the party, were not aware of the fact. Well congratulations if you didn’t know – you have had the best town party in America.  And the tradition continues.

Best Block Party in America.

With anywhere from 250 to 650 people at any one time, last year LSNY played the Radburn Family Day (Block Party) and the reviews were “the best Family Day party they ever had” across the board. So we were brought back this year and  DJ Joey and I had to brainstorm how we could recreate this phenomenon and even do it one better.  It was not going to be easy. 


Last year we introduced Coke and Pepsi and unfortunately it was too dark to record, plus we didn’t have a video cam on us, but with adults and kids the numbers totalled approximately 220 to 280 people which may for us was the largest Coke and Pepsi ever attempted, and quite possibly the largest ever done with more than 4 calls, we imagined potentially Guiness material.
2010 we brought in Stuff it, and the Lap Sit Dance to the introduce to Radburn along with some of the favorites. We brought back the Hoola Pass because that went over so well. We had one more trick up our sleeve but we didn’t get to it because dancing was going too strong.  Enjoy the video and I hope you see yourself.
Post script:  Next year I’ll try to shoot without moving the camera so much.  I get so excited during the night I have trouble holding still.
Thank you to Radburn for being such a great town to live in and have a party with!  I think you definitely upheld the tradition and you are still the Best Block Party in Amreica.  Enjoy the video and pictures.
Pictures curtesy of Steve Moore
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