A Mitzvah-Cinq and Bon Voyage Mitzvah in one Weekend?

Can you say unique weekend?  I can say it for sure.  Saturday night the Cohen-Baranek family packed 199 of their closest friends, family, relatives and children’s best friends into the Water Club on the east side of Manhattan for an unforgettable beautiful night:   A farewell to NY mitzvah party.
It was 95 degrees outside and possibly hotter inside because the dance floor was on fire for most of the party.  We needed to keep a fire extinguisher on hand for this one, or as we say this was a “4 shirter”.  See above picture and check out the video.

Adele was gracious, fun and appreciative of the spontenaiety and crazy dancing of her family and particularly her dad, who put a smile on her face every time they were on the floor together.  Her firends brought the energy as they usually do. The airbrush artists were a big hit sitting outside on the deck taking orders. 

On a scorching hot night in the city, this was the volcano erupting to spew forth nothing but joy for them to take with them on their way to their new home overseas. 

Mom gave me a huge hug and said, “It was great, fantastic you are going to get milliions of clients.”  2 weeks later she called to say how incredible it was and how many people called to rave about it.  For us this is key, not just that people feel elated during and ending one of our events but that it carries on charged with the same kind of joy right at the fingertips of the mind to recall and live over.

The Ultimate Games Master Team Party in Brooklyn

Sunday was a first for LSNY in 19 years. A combined 5 person mitzvah. Miranda, Leah, Noah, Emily and Miranda #2 all showed up at Temple Beth Elohim to do at least to my knowledge the first ever Mitzvah-Cinq – which is sort of like everything and the kitchen cinq if you will, as 250 guests watched history happen.  The most I’ve ever heard mitzvah-ing at one time was 2.  They topped it by 3!  The review is in a later post.

So what do you do for a Mitzvah-Cinq?  Well you have the Ultimate Games Master Team Party for the kids.  As you can imagine trying to make decisions with five family’s worth of input can be treacherous terrain.  Sometimes it’s hard enough with just one family.  Jill Cornell who led the group navigated this terrain with intrepid skill and deft touch. 

Making the final decision to move the party downstairs for the kids allowing the luncheon to take place for the adults was one of the smartest moves ever and made for an incredibly lively and entertaining day for everyone.  There were many adults downstairs playing B-Ball Elevated Bocce game along with the kids.

The kids made their way around the UGM Team Skills from The Woggler, to the UG BB Toss, to 7 Level Ninja DropStick, later some team competition Inflated Volleyball,  and of course The UGM version of Coke and Pepsi which is C&P extreme.

We want to thank all the families involved with making this monumental day happen. The UGM Team was thrilled to be there. Toward the end of the party we had teams competing with the hoops – Enjoy!

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