Lucky Strike is a cool place to have a party

Saturday night we were celebrating Jack Chaiken’s mitzvah on 42nd Street and the West Side Highway at Lucky Strike Lanes.  At first when I came to see the space I was concerned about the sound and if we could have a good dance party there. 

The space is wonderful and it’s so inviting for a party.  There are 4 lanes in the Lounge and a pool table with a bar.  They also have a giant screen at the end of the alley and a few plasmas throughout the room.  My concern was that it would be TOO inviting as a lounge and game party to get a higher energy party going.  I didn’t need to be concerned as you can see here –

Amy Arcara, the director of Event Sales, was great help to us in getting everything set and ready to go. And Jack’s friends were GREAT.  They came in with eyes wide open ready to take on whatever was put in front of them.  Jack’s mom, Lisa made a great choice.  Jack made his own video montage which was as good as most videographer’s work, and that was shown on the big screen. At one point we had on the Mets and Yankee’s on the big and small screens, along with the Celtics-Magic game with the dance floor packed and dancing.  What more could you ask for?

Kudos to Jack, Jack’s friends and family for a great night.

Pieces of Wisdom from this party:  Try not to pre-judge the potential pitfalls of a place or party.  Make assessments to understand what you may encounter.  Be prepared for that potential, but guide it where you want it to go.  Also, be flexible and notice when people are enjoying themselves.  Trust that you don’t be too quick to have to fit everything into a schedule.  This is the breath that allows the party to flourish.

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