The Fellers and Guests Rock Stephanie’s party

When I first met the Fellers at their home, I was taken by Abby’s enthusiasm and natural pride in her daughters. And after meeting Stephanie and Lindsay it was easy to see why. Mark and Abby were raising to wonderful girls and we were going to have the opportunity to celebrate that at Stephanie’s mitzvah party.

The Fellers chose Town and Country for to hold the event, and when we lit the room up with our Classic Mitzvah Package the room sizzled with excitement. From the beginning to the last song the energy was like a hurricane. Stephanie and her friends brought the thunder and we brought the Lightning.

Stephanie is a bit of a performer herself and so that brought the best out of all of her guests.

My staff all lost 3-4 pounds because of the intensity of the party. There is a way to get to this level of energy without pushing, hyping or cajoling. And the end result is so satisfying that the the memories last for decades. We can take you there. Call us so we can share the secrets.

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