The BBC Documentary on Music featuring Michael Sage

Back in 2000 I think it was, producers from the BBC were looking for a DJ/MC who was familiar with dance crazies to be in this documentary. As it turned out I was the only one from the US event industry represented.

They didn’t tell me until I got there that they wanted me to speak about the Macarena. Our company stopped playing that song long ago, maybe 3 years earlier, because it got stale for us, and frankly parties in NYC/Brooklyn/Westchester were too hip to keep doing this thing beyond the first couple of years. While Macarena had legs everywhere else we had to let it go. There are probably companies still featuring it.

Whatever your feeling about this dance, it definitely captured the country if not the world and held on far longer than probably most people would have predicted. Enjoy the blast from the past.

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