4 REAL Secrets of a Successful Wedding or Mitzvah

1. Get Really Specific with what you want to happen at your event.

One of the best things you can do is to communicate what the most wildly successful party means to you. Many times it’s just assumed in the words that what you want and what the planner/entertainment say and understand are the same things. But it’s interpretation. What does classy mean to you? What does fun mean to you? Use real examples and pictures and what those moments will mean to you emotionally. The planner/entertainer has hundreds if not thousands of parties they’ve experienced. Every person’s idea is slightly different. Sometimes you are hiring them to deliver your feeling and not the vision. Sometimes you are hiring them to deliver the exact vision and feeling. The great planner/entertainment will discover in listening to you what your truest most accurate vision is and make that the priority to be delivered, getting you to the exact place you want to be.

2. Remove the stress out of the planning and details of the affair as soon as possible…like the first phone call.

Choose someone who is as demonstrative in taking care of you as you would like to be taken care of. By addressing the points of your needs you can proactively change the process from a stressful one to a simple and efficient one. It often can feel like a breeze if you have the right people working with you and demonstrating that everything is being taken care of. The more confident and relaxed you are the easier it is for your party to take off to where you want it and even beyond. A great planner/entertainer will take care of you and all the details infusing you and your main people with such confidence you can show up and be thrilled by your own affair.

3. BIG SECRET – You have more influence and impact on the results of your own party than most people ever imagine.

People often don’t know for logical reasons how important their own contribution to their event is. The big truth is if you or the celebrants have as much FUN and Enjoyment as they possibly can it creates a magnet for your guests to align with your energy. After 1500 parties and events, I’ve noted and researched this to great lengths and this is a very useful truth for everyone. Most people want their guests to have a GREAT time at their party. Some would do almost anything necessary to do this. The amazing thing is the MORE the host, hostess, celebrant gives over to their own enjoyment of their own event, the magic of emanating joy penetrates and hooks your guests. So the secret to having a great party is to have a great time yourself. They will follow your lead.

4. Make sure you have a dynamic, passionate and amazing MC or front man who completely KNOWS your WANTS (see #1) and will make it happen.

The MC or band leader is the most important person to your affair besides you, any other host/hostess and the celebrant.. But from a “making it happen” standpoint, he is the point person. He/she sets the tone, style, and feel and takes your guests on a journey through your vision. He determines how far your party can go. He should reflect everything you love about celebrations. You can have an elegant MC and the party feels elegant but never powers up to monumentally memorable. You can have a fun loving rowdy MC and you get the energy and hype but not the real warmth and spirit, motivating excitement during the party but is instantly forgettable immediately after. The feelings are not sustainable.

Most people want their guests and themselves to feel really best they can feel about themselves , truly euphoric if possible. Like they contributed something vital and beautiful from themselves to your party and got something even better back…heart and soul. This is what makes people say that was the best party I’ve ever been to. Because it brought them into your excitement and passion and they felt rewarded being involved with it. In 1500 + events I know this is one of the most important ingredients to the WOW that lives on forever.

A KEY to the 4 Secrets – One of the finest solutions to deliver the amazingly successful event is to have a great MC who can uncover, discover and extract your most fundamental desires, organize and plan a strategy to create it, and then put into action. Right from the beginning, he/she understands it with complete clarity and knows how to deliver it in performance. This is the rare combination of dynamic and experienced MC who knows how to plan events. A planner cannot step in and affect a feeling or performance once the event is underway. They have many skills but that is not one of them.

The MC Planner is the only one who has complete knowledge of your wishes/desires before and can drive and influence your party after the planning is complete. LSNY is one of the very few companies that have a Master MC Planner. Call us today so we can make sure your party and event is the best that your guests have ever attended.

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