Review: LSNY Absolutely Received Perfectly by Client

I just received a letter from a recent client Elizabeth Gross and she blew me away with her words. Here’s a little video take from their party.

For someone to take the time out to write a note these days is special, I know for myself there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to do everything let alone something like a letter, so each time we get one I’m genuinely touched and thankful.

Liz Gross wrote an incredible letter but she may have done an even greater service for us as well. In her words, she captured as perfectly as anyone our mission as a company and what are all about in practice. Something that is not easy to do. Here it is:

“I would like to write this letter of recommendation for Michael Sage Schindler from the skeptic’s point of view. I don’t like DJ’s with their hard sell attitude and their smooth talk. But my daughter wanted a dance party for her bat mitzvah, and so I found myself in the regrettable position of finding someone I could deal with. After having many phone conversations with a number of people who were recommended to me as “the best”, Michael’s pleasant manner began to stand out.

Instead of singing his own praises, he urged me to read the letters written on his behalf and to call past clients from a list he provided. The list is so extensive that I actually found names that I knew. I called the ones I knew, as well as some that I didn’t. Each conversation was similar – glowing and excited. Not just a confirmation that they hired him, but an outreach to assure me that they had been thrilled with his services.

Michael will take the time to develop a relationship with you and your family. Throughout the preparation, he called me to make sure I was progressing on my end, which kept things moving in a calm, timely manner. And the end of the event doesn’t mean his courtesy calls will stop. He keeps in touch even after the party to make sure everything went well.

The party itself rocked! Unbelievably, I have received phone calls and letters from friends to say thank you for inviting them to the best party they’ve been to. There is a buzz in our community about the event, with folks who weren’t invited hearing about the fabulously outstanding time that was had by everyone.

So here I am, a doubter, actually wanting to write on Michael’s behalf to say thank you to him, and to try and pass the good time forward. I would be more than happy to speak to anyone about our experience. My conclusion about what sets Michael Sage Schindler apart from other DJ’s is that, although we all need to make a living, his main motivation for doing what he does is not to “make money” and be the life of the party, but to share in the celebrated milestones of people’s lives. With Michael, it’s all about you.”

Elizabeth Kaczmarczyk Gross

Thank you to Liz!

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