Party with Marta Kauffman & some “FRIENDS”

Saturday night LSNY celebrated another momentous occasion with some truly wonderful people in Atlantic City. This double birthday celebration was held at the Chelsea Hotel on the boardwalk, a hip relatively new non-casino hotel that is a pretty swanky joint.

The party was thrown by Marta Kauffman (pictured above right with yours truly) for her husband and daughter celebrating 2 milestones: A 50th and an 18th birthday. Marta is the sister of one of our favorite people and agents in Atlantic City, Andrea Kauffman of Andrea Kauffman Entertainment, and she’s better known for being one of the creators of the TV series FRIENDS.

The Chelsea Hotel has its club on the 5th floor where they also have a pool lounge where the hip and beautiful people hang out. But inside in the leopard lounge, Motown and 50s was the music of the night and you couldn’t find a more genuinely affectionate, sassier and real fun bunch of people anywhere.

This is what I live for.

Key Notes from this party: When doing parties outside of NYC client’s naturally would be inclined to think that they will get the same level of quality service that they get in and around the city. In general the vendors in the tristate area have a very high level of skill sets and services that they deliver creating a certain comfort level. And we all see it and are used to it , it’s a natural assumption that this is the standard for the way parties happen.
However, outside of NYC the world, as well as events does not always turn the same way and sometimes simple tasks prove challenging.

The solution: If you can bring a competent professional with you for your event, because once you leave the area the quality control is often not the same. Even the most basic things like showing a video montage can become problems. It always pays to have a reliable professional at an event for numerous reasons, one being to override any potential small issue that can become a large problem and head of most large problems altogether.
Make it a GREAT day!

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