LSNY going into Record Book?

Celebrating our 18th year
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Happy Summer Everyone.

People are still having parties and celebrations – and we can sure use them more now than ever. LSNY is celebrating our 18th year by delivering our services at pricing friendlier than ever. In addition by signing up at with our code LIGHTNING1 our clients can get up to thousands of dollars toward our services or to get prepaid gift cards to their favorite stores.

We had the great fun to perform at the Radburn Family Day events in my own backyard here. My family moved to Radburn 4 years ago when my first child was about to be born. We missed the first the first two years and finally were able to go last year. It’s quite the day. Two days really.

Friday night is a pool party with music and festivities. Familes connect and it’s a bit wild. Saturday there’s something for everyone with rock climbing walls, bouncy houses, petting zoo, costumed pictures and more. An evening outdoor dinner followed by a night dance party in the park. This year LSNY brought the party to the park.

It’s about 90-100 families, maybe 300 to 350 people of every age from newborns to senior citizens dancing under the stars. We brought out a little lighting to help the mood and I assisted in creating a little more fun to the night by adding in a few games.

Coke and Pepsi for 250…in the DARK?

As most of you know Coke and Pepsi is generally a game reserved for 13 year olds at mitzvahs. Attempting C&P with crowds over 13 is large undertaking. My DJ was wondering if it could be done. We had upwards of 100 teams of 2 lined up across the park. To our recollection it was the largest Coke and Pepsi ever seen number 1 and the the largest MIXED age Coke and Pepsi ever. Kids with parents, siblings, teenagers and couples, all dancing and running around on the various calls. I couldn’t even see all the players in both directions. I had 20 helper judges to assist me to make the calls until the teams got manageable. It lasted 20 minutes and the excitement was non-stop. All this in the dark! This could have been the Guiness Book of World Record Coke and Pepsi, if Guiness cared about these things. But for us it unofficially a C&P record.

The LSNY band Blue Eyed Soul performed at the Association of Bridal Consultants joint meeting/part with EventsIncentives in July. They performed a rocking and soulful blend of Chaka Khan, Stevie Winwood, Marc Cohn, Earth Wind and Fire and so on. Planners and venue representatives were delighted with the band and their non-traditional musical selections. Blue Eyed Soul is led by Chris Milletari and contains some of the most amazing musicians who have toured over the last 15 years. You can get them exclusively through LSNY.

LSNY is doing a really cool birthday party in August in Atlantic City toward the end of the month. We’ll give you the fun details neck time.

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