In my haste and excitement to get out the latest blog notes I, inadvertantly failed to recognize a big part of the whole event in Sarasota Florida. Bill and Christine Fenner of Artistic Occasions headed up efforts in Sarasota with the Browns, and coordinating with our team, creating ideas, supervising and providing all the decor and beautiful touches that helped transform the hangar.

The whole event was such a team effort, and the teams worked exceptionally well together that it all homognizes together into one splendid event for me. So when I say we I’m referring to the team of partners of which Artistic Occasions certainly played a lead role. We also partnered with Flashpoint grooup out of Atlanta to produce the light and sound design for us, who did a flawless job.

Bill and Christine really did an amazing job from top to bottom and made the place look like a million dollars. If you are having an event in Florida you owe it to yourselves to get in touch with them.

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