Master of Celebrations

Excerpt from my book: The Master of Celebrations guide to PRACTICAL MAGIC

One of the things I currently do is produce entertainment for and MC Private Events. Most people understand emcee (MC) to mean master of ceremonies and you know these people as the ones on the microphone that lead the way through an event. For me this is a world of wondrous milestones such as (finding the love of your life) weddings or (making it from childhood to the beginnings of maturity and adulthood) mitzvahs, I found myself investing everything I had into celebrating people’s lives as if it were my very own family. It didn’t matter that I did not know my clients before, or maybe even very well leading up to the party. Or that I don’t know their guests at all. On this day, they are me and I am them. And because I always want the very best experiences for myself, they shall have the same if not better.

And in that realization that this was so important to me, I evolved beyond being a master of ceremonies into a Master of Celebrations. The difference is in being able to do everything necessary to create ease and effortlessness of flow so the circumstances of the party do not block or distract from the ability to celebrate itself, while at the same time being able to lead and engage people into their greatest levels of joy.

To be a Master of Celebrations does not mean I am a Master. The label means nothing; it’s simply a way to describe what is indescribable. It does not mean I have arrived and there is no one better than me. It means I’m actively practicing Mastery so I can continue to perform at highly proficient and enlightened levels to keep creating more love, wonder and excitement for everyone. It also does not mean I have finished learning everything. There are always new situations being presented asking me to become more, find more, give more. It just means that I have invested and return with a high level of awareness, ability and efficiency to go to deeper places and create with ever expanding tools.

I love being a Master of Celebrations and think it’s one of the greatest things anyone can ever do to appreciate and celebrate the aliveness of life. It gives me great joy to be able to express that with my clients. It brings me closer to them and them closer to me.

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