The Return of the Ultimate Games Master

With the arrival of spring there is always a few things to look
forward to. Opening day at the baseball stadiums, Tiger Woods
at the Masters and the US Open, The Botanical Gardens in full bloom, those of us with allergies also in full bloom.

And of course a sense of renewal. It’s also a time for reinvention.

All our former clients and their guests have seen many of the skills and games we do with the kids during the cocktail hour of LSNY events. Few know the origin of these skills and games.

While LSNY was an up and coming company, I worked for numerous other entertainment companies in many different capacities: Dancer, MC, improvisational comic, counselor and skills and games person.

In the early days it was as a dancer and games master where I really thrived and excelled the crowds, particularly kids. Over a 4 year period that’s what I became best known for the skills and games. There were occasions at events where various bands would ask me to please take a break because too many kids were engrossed and captivated with what we were playing.

Many of those same skills and games are still part of the LSNY experience today. Actually today we have a little over 50 of the most compelling interactive skills and games ever to grace a party. And many of them can only be found through LSNY.

This spring I’ve begun to offer my the ULTIMATE GAMES MASTER as a independently from LSNY on the open dates that we have. A few planners and companies have jumped on the wagon and a whole new clientele with completely different styles of parties are being thrilled by Maestro Michael Sage.

So out of the past comes a reinvention for the future. The Ultimate Games Master (UGM) returns. If you have friends or family having a kid’s party of any kind, whether they have booked their entertainment or not, Maestro Michael Sage, the UGM would be an incredible addition to their event. It’s an amazing amount of entertainment and fun from just one person. Any questions give us a call. 201 475-5769

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