Party Central 2008 – The Highlights for January through April

So far 2008 has been the year of the kid’s party.

The IBM Conference Center in Palisades NY set the stage for the first mitzvah of the year. Jeremy Chaitin’s mitzvah rocked in 2008. Jennifer and Stu set a cool ski-disco setting bathed in purple and blues. This was a mixed event resort-like party while the adults wined and dined with dual bars on the dance floor, and the kids partied it up big. This is an up and coming spot for mitzvahs.

Meirav Weintraub daughter of Rabbi Simkha Weintraub’s daughter had an awesome kid’s only party at Kane Street Synagogue in Brooklyn. We turned the room into a cool VIP lounge. See the blue room below.

Gabi Weintraub, Meirav’s cousin and son of Rabbi Sam Weintraub of Kane Street Synagogue converted the gym of the Brooklyn Heights Montessori School to a rock club and another hip kid’s party took flight.
Lana Cohen had to be one of the sweetest and nicest kids ever on a gorgeous day at the Prospect Park Picnic House again in Brooklyn. This was our second mitzvah with Linda Aponte/Jason Cohen and the family has a huge place in our hearts.
A party that rocked 2008 to its knees was David Ginsberg’s mitzvah party at Water Street Restaurant in Brooklyn. The party in the underwater lounge kicked sold out rave. The kids barely stopped dancing and jumping long enough to grab some buffet food and return. Like a Guinness Book of World Records for most sweat in any 4 hours by kids under 15. One of the hippest joints to have a party in Brooklyn or Manhattan. Call Ry at Water Street and tell him we sent you.
Looking forward to many more parties and highlights with each of you. Enjoy the Spring! MS
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