Do you need an MC at Events – Part 3

izzy-6In regard to people and planners not liking MCs, well I understand that as well. Many young MCs as well as experienced MCs tend to hype and over hype parties.  The method of doing this is by yelling into the microphone.

This can be annoying at the very least, and off putting for many.  Sometimes its unconsciously unpleasant.  Just the fact that someone you are not sure you like is giving you commands can break you off from a celebration rather than bring you into it.

Additionally when these types of MCs are not in party mode they have “announcer like voices” and make unfeeling proclamations like a disembodied captain on the ship is telling us to disembark.  People tend to “feel” the lack of authenticity and turn off to them. This is pretty much an epidemic in young MCs until or if  they find their true voice. It is the very rare one man DJs who spins music as well MCs who is able to break this mold either, because he has to be concentrating on the music.

In contrast a great MC does not make announcements. He NEVER makes general announcements. He always speaks to and informs you as in a friendly conversation. Even when things are exciting there’s a quality of trust and authenticity to his voice. A top MC will raise his energy in his conversation with you and his voice will ebb and flow with the importance and excitement of his communication. But at all times it will feel true. He will present something to you rather than announce something at you or for you.

A great MC makes it personal not impersonal.  This is an ENORMOUS difference, and one that EVERYONE feels whether they know it or not. It takes enormous care and practice to perfect this, because it’s so easy to “use the voice” and distance oneself from people when uncomfortable.  They can fall into the announcer mode. The announcer mode is safe and impersonal. The top MC is speaking and revealing his heart and his true self to the crowd and that in turn creates warmth.

More in the next part

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