Do you need an MC at Events – part 1

Hey Everyone – this will be a 12 part series. Too much for one reading. Enjoy.

Part I -Why have an MC at an event?
By Michael Sage Schindler of Lightning Shakes New York


The vast majority of all events we do clients want an MC: Probably around 85%. There are some events that are strictly background and ambient music that really do not call for an MC, so that covers maybe 10% of the gigs.

The other 5% of gigs that select a 1 man DJ is generally due to size of the event or  budgetary constraints, and of course that’s understandable.

When I get a call I don’t insist clients “get” something or demand they get a “minimum” package.

I do suggest services based on my experience.

I had an experience last night at a wedding that led to a small epiphany about MCs. There are certain events that absolutely call for an MC. Certainly Bar Mitzvahs and kids parties of any kind in my opinion truly need an MC. But many people, and I was among this crowd prior to my own wedding, don’t think they need an MC for their wedding.

In asking clients why they don’t want an MC it’s usually for this reason: They don’t like what they have seen in the past, and feel that it’s a wasted expense.

When I ask if those clients if they’ve ever seen an MC that they have liked typically the answer is no.  When I ask what it is about the MC they didn’t like, it usually has to do with them being too loud, “obnoxious” is a word heard a lot, and they have a grating style.

Honestly, I don’t blame them for not wanting an MC if this were my experience. Funny thing is there are many top event and wedding planners in the industry who also hate DJs for the same reason.  Either they’re too cheesy, or too loud and obnoxious or too arrogant, or they can’t seem to find that sweet spot that commands with taste.

When I explain what a great MC actually does and ask them if that were something they would like the answer is almost always yes. More tomorrow.

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