A New style MC emerges: Less Shock and Awe. More Revealing

The New Emcees

leading the way in the new generation of hosting

leading the way in the new generation of hosting

It was a beautiful hot sunny Sunday at the pool in our neighborhood and my friend Janie was sitting in the sun watching her little girl swim.  She said “Michael you may be getting a call from a friend of mine who’s planning her Mitzvah.”  I said Oh, thank you and we began to chat.

She told me she was at a Bar Mitzvah in NYC the night before and with that tone of political correctness said “it was good” making good a 2 syllable word with a rise and fall. She continued, “The DJ was good…but he wasn’t you.”

It wasn’t one of those trying to stroke my ego things thank goodness.  It was just her observation. While I feel grateful that she considers me in this way I’m a bit amazed.  I mean they’ve never really seen me at my best like at a wedding or Bar mitzvah, or in front of 1800 people at a corporate event.  Have I really earned it with her?

Each year since I moved to my home town I have donated my MC services for the annual Family Day event and Halloween parties.  My neighbors and town folks have only ever seen me do these events with the exception of my next door neighbor who is a professional photographer and has worked for me. At those events I’m doing my best to manage dozens to hundreds of kids from 3 years old to 16 years old, their parents and other adults while still making a great time for everyone.

The night party at Family Day

The night party at Family Day

It’s a completely different experience for me than doing a wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Sweet 16 or company event.  Plus when people know you, you have to want to find an extra gear to create a sense of specialness and fun, while still maintaining your true self. Each of the previously mentioned events that I do regularly have a focus to them.  There’s a specific intention and form to the event.

At the neighborhood events it’s quite open and the form has to be created from scratch.  Plus you never know what’s going to happen. There are so many diverse interests and needs. Music that makes kids happy.  Music that makes teens happy.  Music that makes parents happy. It really requires a powerful focus with a deft touch.  So in doing those parties I have often felt more challenged.  I have to be less formal, and there’s a lot of improvisation going on.

Interestingly it appeared the less formal, more natural and improvisational way of emceeing is in fact the very thing that most people tend to appreciate, love and remember the most fondly.

More on this in just a little bit.

Back to our conversation I said to Janie let me see if I can guess what you experienced:  Here’s what I’ve been noticing from the events that we’ve been hired to be on with our photo booth where we aren’t the DJ.

(A brief explanation here, we have a pretty unique photo booth that planners and clients really love.  we’re often called just to book our booth alone as it has grown in popularity. We get calls from people who don’t know that we’re a full entertainment company to hire the booth after they’ve hired another DJ company to perform. In many of these events we have seen companies with the greatest reputations perform. On some gigs if I’m not personally booked I’ll be one of the photo hosts and get to see them work.)

So I say to Janie, “this is what I’ve noticed. Tell me if this is what happened… Let’s say the threshold for what the ear can really tolerate is at a “10”.  The DJ is playing at a “9” right from the get go and the MC in order to be heard above the music Spinal_Tap_-_Up_to_Eleven_5c7aee00-7a14-4480-809e-c5e960913e6f_grandeis at a “12”.  And he’s not just talking at a 12, he’s yelling at a 12.  And he doesn’t really stop talking.”

Janie said, “You’re absolutely right! We were out on the dance floor dancing saying I can’t believe how *(&^%)(*& loud this is.  Even when we went back to the table that’s what we were talking about.”

I told her it’s practically a universal experience at higher end Bar Mitzvahs, well most Bar Mitzvahs as it were. No matter how intelligent, or experienced, or knowledgeable these MCs and DJs are these parties almost ACROSS THE BOARD repeat the same thing. Call it the “Shock and Awe” style of entertaining at parties. Basically it’s like a Carnival-Barker-500x500loud carnival carnival barker with pounding dance music bombarding the guests into participating. 

As a guest being blasted you’re really just reacting and trying to cope with what’s hitting you and keep upbeat.  As civilized people we usually following the crowd and protocol.  Guests for the most part know what’s expected of them, and if they don’t, well the MC is ordering them so they can just follow the commands. Hey it’s a party right?  He’s there to “create fun”.

But they get results:  People are on the floor.  So it’s “successful”.  Right?  Well….depends on what amounts to success for you.

Some folks are easy going, party types and they just go with it.  Others will get on the floor but their minds and bodies are not with them.  They are following what’s expected, but they are conflicted and disconnected. Emotions can range from marginally annoyed to kind of angry.  If you watch you will see people going through the motions…swaying to the music but they’re not committed.  Their eyes are not engaged.  It’s almost like inside their mind is saying the same thing that my friend Janie was saying, “I can’t believe how +*&*&*%$ loud this is.  Couldn’t he just be quiet…SOOOO LOUD. I want to get away.”

It’s as if people while being outwardly gracious are internally rebelling.   You can see the conflict.  They’re upset but what can they do?  They can’t leave.  It’s a party “I should be enjoying myself.”  But they go along for the ride because they’re supporting their friends or family, and “it’s not their (host/hostess’) fault” that the entertainment is not enjoyable.. So they try to make the best of it.

Janie listening intently came back with “Oh my god, that’s so true.  That’s exactly right. And we don’t constantly need to be taught by the dancers.  I felt like I was at a Zumba class. We love to dance we don’t need that. I can go to a class by myself.  We just want to have fun.”

And there’s the ultimate irony.  The entertainment is actually getting in the way of guests having FUN. We’ve talked about it a lot at our company, because our goal has always been to create the greatest, most fun, experience you can have at a party, and even beyond that, to create a top 10 experience in a lifetime.  And we realized that’s just not the best way to get there.

What we have realized is that the companies have taken on the job of “making a party” by producing a “PARTY SPECTACLE” rather than insuring people are engaged, having fun and enjoying themselves.  This direction is understandable based on other forms of entertainment:  Concerts, Dance clubs, Carnivals, Amusement Parks but when it comes to Bar Mitzvahs and weddings and most milestone celebrations it hasn’t served our clients and guests to get to our goal for them.

Janie even said, “If I’m at a club I expect it to be loud and I’m ready for it.  I’m there to dance, not talk, but I couldn’t even have a conversation.”  And that’s key as well. Part of having fun is being able to converse and connect with others. field of dreamsIt seems many DJ Companies have adapted the FIELD OF DREAMS ethos for doing parties…”If we build it they will come.” Or more to the point, “If we produce the SPECTACLE they will have fun.”  But we’ve realized over time it never really works that well like that.

It’s baffling really that even the very top , most well known, higher end renowned companies with tons of clients and praise employ a method of entertaining and engaging guests which is often disengaging.  While it’s completely effective in producing the spectacle it falls so short of offering an opportunity for real joy:

  • There’s a overpowering element of demand rather than invitation.blasted
  • Instead of warming people into a celebration, they want to blow them away.

Because we’ve focused on how to create the best feeling parties we discovered that real joy can’t really be forced.  Many people turn off being told what to do during normal circumstances.

So during ‘free time’ or party time, being told what to do is even less welcomed.  Joy has to come from a personal place and experience: it’s not made or manipulated, it emerges.

When a DJ company is above the threshold of comfortable sound LOUDLY COMMANDING or DEMANDING guests to “party” or do what they say they truly miss the opportunity for the guests to create or discover joy on their own.  So even if they are having “fun” or a “good time” it’s momentary and forgotten by the time they get home. Real joy though has weight and depth to it. It tends to last and hold on a bit.

While Janie was talking about her adult experience, we see the same thing happens with kids. Kids tend to have a lot of energy.  There are some who love the spectacle.  But there are many others who don’t.  Regardless of what they end up doing, what we have seen at these parties and this is nearly 100% is that when the DJ Company starts off HOT and plays at a 9 where the MC is at a 12 this happen:

  • The very first  response from kids and adults is recoiling.  They haven’t caught up that energy yet.  Unless there’s something dynamically appealing to entice them, instead of jumping in at the same energy level as the DJ and dancers (if it’s a Bar Mitzvah) they noticeably pull back from the PUSH.  And yes they may actually listen and get drawn to the dance floor, like a moth to a flame, but they are not really dancing.  They’re not “into” the party. They could be swaying or moving arms and legs, but they are not in sync, full out dancing with the music, the DJ or the dancers.

How you know this is happening is when the MC and dancers are pushing the energy on a scale of 1 to 10 – at a 9 or 10, but the people actually dancing on the dance floor is at an energy level of  1 to 4. If you watch video of DJ companies it’s quite noticeable.  You’ll see the dancer or DJ really PUSHING their energy out to the kid or adult while the kid is kind of just going through the motions.

We’ve seen when some companies  “miss the mark”  it will take them nearly 3 hours to regroup from this hard opening where the guests and kids are actually WITH the entertainment and having a nice dance set. Others really never do get them.  There is a dance party but it never really gets to the level of genuine celebration.  People do dance…they’re on the dance floor, but it just doesn’t lift off.

Janie said a mouthful though about having fun. And that’s often what’s missing from these parties.  You get pockets of fun, but since the DJ Company has their own agenda, (we’re going to make a great party) to create a spectacle, the fun usually gets overrun in favor or assuring spectacle.

It’s ironically backwards.  Because if people are having fun it’s much easier to lead a party to spectacular places, than to have the opposite happen.


It started with Cirque du Soliel. Essentially Cirque really put interaction into shows, and because of that the art was able to be seen and appreciated, and enjoyed on a personable level.  Before them it was the Bombast of Barnum and Bailey…”Ladies and Gentleman, Children of All Ages…” but the first Cirque show I saw the most amazing MC who never said a word.

2-World-class-show-genius-David-ShinerDavid Shiner started it all in 1990.  From Wikipedia, “he was featured in Cirque du Soleil‘s production Nouvelle Expérience, touring for 19 months through Canada and the USA and playing for another year in Las Vegas. With his antics, including stepping through, on and over much of the crowd and the staging of a mock silent-movie melodrama with four members of the audience, he may be the best-remembered of the Cirque’s clowns.”

What David Shiner did was have complete command and engagement with the audience in a way that few had really ever seen before. He was stealing people’s popcorn. Posing people for photos and then taking their camera and giving it to another audience member 2 sections over while he’s being chased by the original camera owner. All this before the main show even started. It was a shining example (no pun intended) of how connecting with the audience can create the most powerful memorable and joyful effect.

Then when he was on stage asking for people (miming) to come up they gratefully obliged.  That’s engagement.  He commanded the stage without speaking a word.

We as a company immediately incorporated this interactive engagement style to begin our parties, and it became the overriding essence for how we did the entire event. In order to engage people you need to ENGAGE with them.  Find the place in them that creates desire for them to participate.

Fast forward to 2014 when Jay Leno retires and Jimmy Fallon takes over the Tonight Show.  Jimmy began his career on the Tonight Show by talking to the audience, by sharing his true life emotions and desires and keeping that as his tone the entire time.  Whether he’s joking with a guest, doing a game with a celebrity or doing a hilarious rapping through the ages with Justin Timberlake, it all has a very genuine interactive approach done for the audiences benefit, without a note of the self-congratulatory aspects of show business.

Each show he comes out and greets the audience with joy and appreciation and he starts his monologue by saying, “Here’s what people are talking about….”  Relating perfectly to his audience.  Not here comes the joke style of Jay Leno, Johnny Carson and most of the predecessors.  Just completely pulling the formality out of it and sharing his take with folks.  Which is what we all do.  It’s very humanizing.

Colin Ferguson on the CBS Late Night show has a similar style even so much so that he pulls the camera into his face and talks directly to the viewer. This creates an even more intimate connection with us. His style is very appealing and self-effacing which makes him accessible to audiences.  It helps that he’s also very funny.

But the performance that really announced the changing of the guard style of emceeing was when Ellen DeGeneres hosted the Academy Awards.  She turned it on its ear.  Her conversational, fun filled turn going out to the crowd with pizza, taking $20 bills Ellen Degeneres selfie at the Oscarsfrom the stars was simply brilliant and gave a call back to David Shiner with the original production of Nouvelle Experience.

Gone was the “look at me” wink of the eye Billy Crystal style or comedic formality of Steve Martin. These new style MCs allow a window in to see the genuine person and then the humor, and outrageousness connect so much more.  You can see how genuine, nice and wonderful these people are as humans, THEN you get their talent on top of it.

Ellen’s Selfie with Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt and the others was spontaneous, live and completely interactive.  She didn’t know what would happen, she thought she was just going to take a shot with Meryl Streep, but because she had connected with the audience on a human level they all wanted to participate.  And she completely had us and them with her.

Hugh Jackman picked up the gauntlet for the 2014 Tony Awards. His 5 minute hopping routine at the opening of the show was inspired.  We as guests marvel at what he’s doing, and yet when he gets to the opening, he makes fun of it, pointing out his own behind the scenes humanity in rehearsing it.  When he sang the nominations and cracked hugh jackmanon a note, he just waved it off, and that made him even more endearing to us.  He’s human.  He makes mistakes.  He rolls with it.  It’s live.  We go for it. And we willingly go with him.

This is the new evolution of emceeing. Breaking through formality.  You can relate to the real person.  You see it and enjoy it. This is the style and method that we’ve (LSNY EVENTS) been engaging in now since 1990 when we first saw David Shiner command an entire crowd of Cirque audience members without saying a word.

We embraced the power of connecting and engaging with people over creating a spectacle for people to have to deal with.  We discovered that when you engage with people they find their own fun and joy and the spectacle emerges spontaneously. And their spectacle is more powerful, more joyful and real than anything we can plan and manufacture.

Yes the MC is the guide and leader.  But he is there to empower and inspire the fun, the joy and excitement.  For me he’s not there to overpower, demand it or make it happen from you.  He’s there to help you find it in yourself. That’s the road less traveled by DJ companies big and small but the difference is compelling.

The good news with folks like Ellen, Jimmy, Colin and Hugh and the many more that have been moving in that direction, Ryan Seacrest  has been moving in that direction, it will eventually seep in the Bar Mitzvah, Wedding, Sweet 16 and Corporate Event environment.  It cannot help but happen.  And that will be a great day for parties.

And this style of connecting with people will emerge out to corporate life making companies more accessible and fun places to work.  The human engagement model is universal.

In the meantime, we’ll keep offering this to our clients, and  I’ll keep learning and growing to be more available to guests, keep inspiring my staff, MCs and DJs to be open, caring more about the quality of experience that the guests are having over their own self-congratulations. If you would like more information about our company and what we can do for you for your special events, please give me a call.

Until then… Remember you are Extraordinary

Michael Sage Schindler

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A Wedding Revolution – Take your Wedding to a Whole New Level

LSNY EVENTS sporting a new elegant, but cool design

It’s official your wedding can now be even more than you ever dreamed possible.  And those are lofty words there.  LSNY has been developing innovative ideas for years.  But an epiphany over the last couple of weeks has led to the next evolution of weddings.

Bring your WEDDING and your wedding guests to a such an Extraordinary Place even your Imagination might not DARED to IMAGINE:

wedding_LSNY_The REVOLUTIONARY Ultimate WEDDING CEREMONY:  The Awesome Wedding Experience (AWE) is Here.

Superstar #1 NYC Wedding Band of All Time – Doug Winters Best Kept Secret it this way:

“After 1500 weddings of every imaginable type from Israeli, Italian, Chinese, Korean, mixed cultures I really thought  I know everything there is to know about weddings. We did Julia Roberts first wedding to Lyle Lovett, and so many other A Level weddings, we’ve worked with Nick Cannon, Alicia Keys, Kenny Loggins and Quincy Jones, I really believed  there was nothing that could surprise me. Maybe Julia Roberts kissing me square on the lips….Then Michael Sage Schindler comes along and actually blew my ******* mind!.  Honestly, it I’ve never even considered what Michael has come up with.  He’s brilliant!!! He’s taking it to a whole new level.”

Even when almost everyone thought there just isn’t something new for weddings.  We found a way. Even people in our own industry are scratching their head at the ingeniousness of this design and its incredible impact at parties.

And in fact once people hear about how it’s done they cannot believe they never thought of it and of course!

A excited as we are about it, and as much as I’d love to share it with you, right now we have to protect the proprietary nature of it is, so I can only tell you what effect it has on the wedding.

Over the last decade of weddings people have begun to understand the power that personalization has had.  We see whole wedding party creating this awesome choreography.  When Into the Heights creator Lin-Manuel Miranda got married he worked his in laws into the act to surprise his wife.

This is a beautiful trend that shares so much about the bride and groom to their guests. We absolutely love and encourage this moments.  And we encourage our couples to go further and give them the means and tools to do this.   We’ve seen the effect and it’s dramatic and spectacular.

Please call to set up an appointment to learn more about this new evolution of weddings that will bring the greatest joy imaginable.

Remember you are extraordinary,

Michael Sage Schindler



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The New LSNY EVENTS website is online

Our new Mission Statement is Be FULLY ALIVE and Go For the Extraordinay. And it’s fit our company like custom tailored suit.  More about that in another post or read what it means for our clients on our new website.

LSNY EVENTS sporting a new elegant, but cool design
LSNY EVENTS sporting a new elegant, but cool design

I’m so proud of the last year!  We’ve grown by leaps and bounds.  So much to talk about.  So many new innovations.

The Lightning Photo Booth has stayed searing hot over the last few months working for Jack and Jill of America,  Becton Dickenson, and many other weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.

The NEW INNOVATION we came up with for the Jack & Jill of America party was to wirelessly send the photos as they were being taken to the video screens around the Copacabana in NYC.

9 Video screens showing the green screen booth photos during the event was a huge hit for the thousand guests and the great execs at J&J of America who booked us.

Copacabana ballroom

The next NEW INNOVATION for the Photo Booth is instant uploading of photos to email addresses, and our unique photo broadcasting which allows a pre-event hyperlink to be created specifically for your event.

You can email that to your friends in advance or have it posted at the booth itself.  Once guests sign in – they receive a notification  every time a new photo is taken. Great for host and hostesses, and corporate executives to get real time images from an event their running.   REALLY COOL.


LSNY continues to be the personal touch company, but we like to marry that with offering the newest coolest stuff you may not know about.

For clients who want that something extra and have the means, we now offer – Flying Video – We can now take photos both regularly and aerially AND show them on any wall in the room through a flying hovering projector.  Yes the future is here now.  This is a completely blow your guests mind service.   There’s more but you have to call so I can tell you.

But since I always try to squeeze too much in my posts I’m going to keep them much shorter this year.

So until the next one.

Call us so I can tell you more about the above and how it can really enhance your events.


Remember you are Extraordinary.

Michael Sage Schindler

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Great Parties even After Sandy – Rocking in 2013

Don't Mess with us Sandy! We're New Yorkers!

Don’t Mess with us Sandy!
We’re New Yorkers!

Don’t Call it a Comeback” rapped LL Cool J in Mama Said Knock you Out.  After such a great 2012 and hurdling the hurricane, you could call 2013 a comeback but only in that we took the hit and got back up, pressed onward and went back to “Knocking them out”.

I’d like to thank my first half of the year clients for making our worlds more shiny and soul fulfilling.  And where possible I’d like to plug their projects and businesses because each one are fantastic people.

Stephen Drachman, Lisa Albin of Igloo Play Furniture, Susan Fender, Karen Cohen, Tom Kaufman Events, Shari Hyman, Rachel Alstein and Rabbi Andy Bachman, Rodeph Shalom School:  Mandy Wynn, Emily Hunt Forbes; Ned Futterman, Muriel Malka and Guy Bacagalupi, Andrew Koestler, Andrea Roizman, Robyn Billings of Party, Party, Party, Inna Berman, Kelly Dziaba, Eric Bennet, Donna Dziaba, Steve Chaiken, Eric Askanase,  Congregation Beth Elohim, Amy Bender, Dede Kavanaugh, Jolinda Leider, Martha Baum of Martha Baum Events, Dorothy Lahm, Regan Asnes, Jason Kwintner of the Marriott Essex House, Stacey Stewart, Deborah Katz,  Andrew Chen, Lisa Litt, Jodi Conti, Eileen Duggan and the Douglaston School, Regan and Anthony Asnes again for the Bank Street School Graduation Party,  Gerry Kogan and Foto Fantasy for the Wachtung HS Project Graduation

Each of these folks and their teams of people, guests, families and friends surged to new heights.  The collective spirits rose up and made it a memorable year so far in 2013.

I touched on a couple of parties and events back earlier in the year.  I wanted to add a couple memorable parties to the list.

Becca Horowitz had one of the most memorable parties of the earlier part of this year at Housing Works Bookstore on Crosby Street.  100% of all proceeds goes to people living with HIV/AIDS.


Shari, Daniel, Rebecca, Ari and friend

Mom and dad, Shari and Daniel, Becca and Ari had a rough end of year with Hurricane Sandy banishing them from their home well past January when the party took place.

The elegance and poise shown by the family under the circumstances was sensational, they soared and their friends and family brought this party to a whole other level in this tight, not ready for this kind of PARTAY bookstore.  It’s families and people like this that raises the gratitude we feel to the highest levels.


Lightning Photo Booth with graphic backgrounds


This guest was a father of one of the kids and ROCKED it out with LSNY!

We lit the room to make it festive and brought in the Lightning Photo Booth which offered some wonderful take home memories.


Lois photo booth choice of Safari


Created cartoon backgrounds for Lois’ party

Shortly after this party was our second go round with Rabbi Andy Bachman’s family from Congregation Beth Elohim.   Mom, Rachel wanted to light the room a little more than Audrey’s their first Bat Mitzvah with us.  Lois‘ party matched if not exceeded the fun from their first party.  We didn’t take many pictures here because it was non-stop fun.  But we had some fun with the photo booth as well…a Safari Theme and Cartoon backgrounds.

A series of parties followed which were just a hoot.  Rodeph Shalom School in Manhattan does a Skating Party every year at Chelsea Piers.  This year they wanted to bring in the Lightning Photo Booth to capture some of the fun.  They used the standard burgundy screen but we were non-stop from start to finish.

No one loves to party more than the Futterman Family. Abi’s party at the Dumbo Loft was off the chain.  Ned had the adults going crazy with his own brand of “Bring it On” moves.  We have some video on Facebook from this party….whoo!

Rodeph Shalom School made up signs to bring into the booth.

Rodeph Shalom School made up signs to bring into the booth.

There’s so much more to talk about but too much for one blog.  I wanted to mention to look out for our next blog as we begin to feature some of the outstanding talent from LSNY Events that help make these parties the joy that they are for all of you and for us.  Be on the look out for MC Brian who has been honing his skills all year last year and is emerging as one of the finest up and coming MCs for your party.

Until next time.  Throw your hands up every once in a while like you just won a promotion, a race or you just won a huge battle…and do a great big inner YEAH!!!!!  –  Life will come around to echo that for you.

Much Love and Joy,

Michael Sage Schindler

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Video Update from the Lightning Photo Booth

The Lightning Photo Booth continues to elicit screams of laughter.  The fun is contagious and the pictures are rated the best of any photo booth in 2013.  I love it when our clients walk in and say “OH MY GOD” – that look of surprise when they walk in.  It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN on all fronts.

Enjoy this short snippet of shots and call us for availability.

The SUMMER Sale is on from June 28th to August 29th.  Call and find out how GREAT a deal can be!


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The #1 Most Influential Piece to the Best Party Ever

I hope you took a moment to view the video above.  This was a truly memorable wedding for many reasons.  It inspired me to reflect on what makes the greatest party ever once again.

At LSNY Events, we understand having the latest and greatest sound, lighting and technology is paramount for great looking and feeling events, and to instill confidence with our clients.  So we are proud to be delivering a premium visual and audio experience with elegance.

The music must flow and move people without jolts, stops and starts.  It has to be selected to compliment what went before and what’s coming after.  So having a top of the line DJ or band is equally crucial to a great event.

Yet we have learned over 20 years that the most significant, most impactful (i wish that were a real word) aspect of a Best Ever Event, is The People.  If the people at an event are feeling uplifted, psyched up and elevated to their best version of them selves, the event will become distinctively memorable, and possibly a top 3 day of someone’s life.

Creating a great vibe, feel, authentic excitement among friends, family and guests and connecting them to the honorees, or VIPs, or Brand is the #1  most influential piece  of how great a party is going to be.  If people are not connected, it can still be a very nice, enjoyable affair.  Possibly even very good due to the many assorted offerings available.  But we’re focused on creating something beyond very good or great; we’re aiming for the EXTRAORDINARY.

Once you’ve tasted the extraordinary there’s simply no turning back to just enjoyable. Life is short.  Time is precious and real joy is too valuable to compromise.  So even great in truth falls short for us.  We hunger for something more for you and if we can do that we revel in that.

We discovered this distinction over thousands of parties, like a detective working a very long case.  We would delve into the very best events and examine the many aspects….And after pouring over so many parties and speaking with so many clients, one day it crystallized :

In order to get to EXTRAORDINARY all the elements come together in the heart, soul and spirit of the people.  Unifying the inner emotions of people generates an outpouring of spectacular results.

Like a great play or great movie experience, the party or special event, if it shares a story or stories inside the celebration, the guests lean in, rise up, let loose and willingly, happily go along for the ride.

And the greatest thing is the interactive-participatory nature of a party over a movie allows everyone then the ability to ADD to the excitement, value and joy.

So the crucial piece is having the perfect CONNECTOR to bring the people in.  That’s typically your host or master of ceremonies.

A great MC is a chameleon of sorts.  He or she (will use the masculine from here but understand it could be either sex) is a great story-teller.  He understands the movement of a good story.  He’s like a maestro conducting the flow of the event, so it rises and ebbs perfectly.  He also recognizes when to allow a solo – a guest does a surprise Y split on the dance floor see below

and let’s the party jump up a notch.

He or she is also an artist, a comic and great dancer.  An artist in creativity to fill in a gap.  A comic to recognize humor when it’s happening and sharing it with the guests.  A great dancer to know rhythms and how to move his body and get you to move yours.

He is a therapist calming folks and putting out any crises before it escalates and detracts from a party, if necessary.

He is  a Zen Master of parties, knowing exactly when to step in and ignite and to step back because the people have it.  Some MCs like to hog the spotlight here, and rev up an already peaked out crowd,  which actually diminishes the level of electricity the guests can generate on their own organically.  The MC in this case is satisfying his own ego rather than enhancing the party, and can be annoying to some guests.

With this in mind, our company focuses on how to create connection and authentic joyous and unbridled interaction among guests.

The above video shows just one of those unique and artistic ways we at LSNY have been able to bring our clients this experience.

This is something we offer your wedding guests, corporate clients (roasting the officers) for meetings, award shows or holiday parties and other type of events.  It gets the most comments from guests and clients.  

We spend time with the honorees, couple or corporate execs and find out bits and pieces about the most important people at that event.  With a wedding of course it’s the bridal party.  Then write, re-write and construct a script, score it and perform it.  You can see the effect this has on the crowd.

It raises the bar for truly creating something original not just for originality but to bring your guests into your world.  Reveal a little humanity which draws everyone in. 

If you would like to know more ways to create an extraordinary event or more information on customized wedding entrances, corporate roasts for holiday parties, awards shows or meetings, or even preparing personalized videos please give me a call at 917 204-9690.

Here’s to having an Extraordinary Event

Michael Sage Schindler

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One of the Funniest and Greatest Moments this year – Father of the Bride Goes Off

I wish you had been there for this one.  Father of the Bride who I thought was probably 65 or so starts throwing down and then his mother gets involved.

More to come from this wedding.

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NJ, NY, NYC Photo Booth – Green Screen Photo Booth for Sweet 16 at Liberty House

NJ NJ NYC Photo Booth - Green Screen Photo Booth for Sweet 16 at Liberty House

The Lightning Photo Booth is the cool new things for Bar Mitzvahs  Sweet 16s, Weddings and Fund Raisers. Holiday Parties have a blast. This one of a kind booth allows up to 10 people at one time, and you are immersed in the backgrounds of your choice live on screen. The Most Fun you can Have in a Booth.

This Sweet 16 above was at the Liberty House on the water overlooking NYC.  As you see you can get Lucite frames for your pictures, and crazy wild props to play with.NY Wedding Green Screen Photo Favors

The vibrancy of the photos on the highest quality print paper is almost 3D feeling.

The vibrancy of the photos on the highest quality print paper is almost 3D feeling.

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More Great Video Highlights 2012 and 2013

Fantastic afternoon that felt like the very best Saturday night party with the Koestler family.  The party took place at the Salem Country Club.  Very nice place, great hospitality, a wonderful place to have an event.

Two different but equally amazing Horas in Brooklyn.  The first one from Beth Elohim in Park Slope with the Bender Family.  The second from Dumbo Loft with the Futterman family.  Both parties were indescribably delicious and guests left full of elation.

This stands on its own.  This man is my hero when it comes to just being free on the floor.

Lots more coming.  Keep smiling, enjoying and call us for your dj, lighting and video needs for upcoming weddings, mitzvahs, fundraisers, holiday parties and corporate events.

Michael Sage Schindler

LSNY Events

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Great Video Moments from 2012 and 2013

B-Girl Sweet was the first ever to achieve this.  The workout you get just trying to get 1 or 2 in there is really great.  I am now on a mission to do this.  The Kids LOVE this game and so do the adults.

Abi Futterman at the Dumbo Loft.  Pure Joy.

Anya Kaufman party at Roulette in Brooklyn January of this year.  Lisa Albin, creator  of IglooPlay Furniture told us it was the greatest night of their lives.  This is the greatest thing anyone can ever say about anything that a human being had a hand in making happen.  But it’s that more enriching coming from a highly successful artist. We are so grateful for the opportunity.

More to come.  Please leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Soften, Smile and Breathe – and ENJOY your days.

Michael Sage Schindler



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